Top 17 Best Free Online Collaboration Software for 2022

Top 17 Best Free Online Collaboration Software for 2022

This post will teach you about the greatest free cloud-based teamwork tools.

The covid-19 dilemma has increased demand for collaboration platforms with the emergence of telecommuting.

If you work on team projects or just collaborate on a variety of tasks, it is critical to have remote and in-person technology available to make your job simpler.

There are several alternatives for team communication software, and determining which one will work best for you and your coworkers can be difficult.

In this post, we’ll look at the top collaboration tools available today and explore how to pick amongst them.

What is an online collaboration software?

More businesses and organizations are turning to online collaboration solutions to get more done in less time.

A collaboration platform may be used for a variety of purposes, including video conferencing with coworkers, remote project administration, task assignment among team members, and collaborative content production.

Top 17 Best Free Online Collaboration Software for 2022

As you can see, the market is vast and teeming with valuable things that might improve your efficiency.

Top 9 best free collaboration software

Few websites can match with in terms of free, web-based cooperation tools. is an excellent real-time communication and collaboration software for distant teams. provides a work operating system based on a flexible template system that can be tailored to any circumstance.

The platform’s user interface is so simple that even non-technical members of your team will be able to learn it fast.

Among the numerous noteworthy features are:

  • File Organization Using a Kanban Board
  • Gantt diagram-based project management software
  • Dashboarding
  • Integrations can accommodate you regardless of the size of your company.

The free lifetime subscription of is an excellent reward since it allows you to test the platform with up to two others for free.


Teamleader is an easy-to-use application for managing group projects.

Teamleader is more than just a project management tool; it is a full-fledged enterprise resource planning system (ERP) that promotes collaboration in all aspects of business operations.

Some of Teamleader’s key characteristics are as follows:

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Participation in project administration
  • Application of the Kanban Technique
  • Price estimates and invoices are created.
  • Continuous teamwork mode
  • Obtain Funds

As a result, Teamleader is your best bet if you’re seeking for a one-stop shop.

Keep in mind, however, that Teamleader lacks both chat and video conferencing facilities.

There are no free plans available, and the most affordable subscription plan starts at 15 euros per month per user.


When it comes to online collaboration, Clickup’s scalability is unrivaled.

Clickup’s objective is to someday replace every other app you use.

That is to say, Clickup is dedicated to addressing any and all of your company’s requirements.

Clickup can handle tasks, projects, files, and time tracking, to name a few.

The program’s user-friendly UI and SaaS delivery option make it simple to interact with your coworkers.

Individual Clickup accounts are always free, while team accounts require a subscription beginning at $5/month/user.


Zoom is a popular online application for doing group video conferencing.

Zoom emerged as the major video-sharing service during the COVID-19 epidemic.

As a result, Zoom is ideal for doing group video discussions with your coworkers.

However, you must download the program straight to your computer, and everyone on your team must do the same.

This may be a problem in the present day, when web-based video conferencing applications like Teams and Meet are available.


Teamwork is one of the best online collaboration solutions on the market. It performs every conceivable purpose.

Teamwork meets the demands for both effective communication (through video or audio conversations or chats) and efficient project management.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only website that provides that many possibilities.

Teamwork may be viewed as an all-in-one solution for telecommuting.

What makes a team function?

Group project management Task Development Summary Controlling Time and Managing Workloads

For groups of up to five people, free teamwork is offered. Users cannot, however, access all functions at this time.

Every month, the least premium plan costs $10.


Slack is a free web-based group collaboration and business communication tool.

Slack’s collaborative chat is a popular service that almost every new firm uses nowadays.

While it is feasible to add functionality that is not inherent to Slack, such as project management, Slack was not meant to replace platforms such as or Clickup.

In fact, we strongly advise you to use Slack as the exclusive form of text communication within the company.


Of some extent, Airtable might be considered the successor to Microsoft Excel.

Airtable’s main feature, collaborative tables, is what sets it apart.

In fact, much as in Excel or Google Sheets, teams may work together on a table-like document and freely debate it while managing a project or set of tasks.

You may also boost your productivity and obtain a new perspective on your projects by using Airtable’s various views, such as the kanban mode, the gantt view, or the calendar view.

Using Airtable, you can create as many automated processes as you need to help your team operate more efficiently.

Airtable is free for the first five users, after which they must upgrade to a subscription plan at $10 per month per user.


Wrike is the way to go if you require a collaborative platform for project management.

Because it allows for the construction of a virtual working environment, this task and project management software is ideal for dispersed teams.

With the aid of this tool, tasks can be allocated to team members, project status can be tracked in real time, and due dates and workloads can be handled more efficiently.

Wrike may also be synchronized with a broad range of other apps.

Wrike’s task management feature is free for up to five users, after which you must subscribe to a subscription plan starting at $9.8 per month per user.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes it possible to hold online group video conferences.

Remote video conferencing with your team is becoming more widespread, and Teams is one of the most popular platforms for doing so.

The movie runs well, and the UI is well-designed.

If your remote calls to coworkers will take no more than 60 minutes, the free edition may be all you need. A premium subscription (starting at $3/month) is available for additional features.


Nifty is a project management tool that has received recognition for its ability to allow good communication and quick action. It might be all you need in a remote workplace setting and more.

The system provides unequaled project management and communication capabilities. If you’re continuously trying to find the right balance of planning and action, Nifty might be the tool for you.


  • Make strategies that include creative benchmarks.
  • Employees may see their work in several ways, such as a timeline, a Kanban board, a list, or a swimlane.
  • Every app, regardless of platform, supports complete tagging.
  • Documents and slideshows already created
  • Tasks and Perspectives
  • Team chat for project discussions


Nectar is another another excellent online collaboration tool. The system was created so that organizations could give regular and standardized means for employees to get praise and enhance their abilities.

User-to-user praise is highly appreciated on the Nectar platform. Nectar assists managers with maintaining good morale, building strong team relationships, and promoting the company’s core values, all of which are critical to establishing a seamless workflow and a common knowledge of the organization’s goals.

Overall, this is a wonderful and unusual approach of collaborating.


  • Integrate with helpful apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • A powerful technique for recognizing achievement
  • Pay by the amount of active users each month rather than by the employee.
  • Click here to use the free option.
  • Simple digital office space

Top 17 Best Free Online Collaboration Software for 2022


Asana is a web-based software for collaboratively managing projects and teams. However, it also provides robust and thorough task management. Although it has a timetable, it is not intended to replace specialist project management software.

It has all the essentials covered as a full-fledged project management system, including time tracking and a variety of other useful features, but it lacks native support for some more complicated technologies.

Asana is maybe the greatest collaborative solution for project and workflow management.


  • Interface for modular assembly that is both quick and contemporary
  • You may get the free version right here.
  • Modernized Timeline Display with Many Features


Chanty is a team collaboration software that focuses on making communication as simple and plain as possible. We’ve worked hard to make the collaboration features both easy and visually appealing.

This platform’s communications history is unlimited, and there are a variety of tools available for building open communication and cohesive teams.

At its core, Chanty is a powerful corporate messaging platform that enables teams to collaborate more effectively and complete projects, activities, and tasks in less time.

By using this platform, you may be putting all of your eggs in one basket.


  • The identities of the sender and the recipient are never concealed.
  • System-wide task administration
  • Simple to use, simplistic design
  • Simple to install and use

Toggl Plan

If you are a manager, stakeholder, or team member interested in how people may collaborate to plan and deliver projects, Toggle Plan is worth a look.

Color-coded visual overviews are utilized across the system to simplify communication and administration.

Simple job distribution based on team members’ schedules and workloads. Using eye-catching images and notifications, inform your team about the next phases in the project.

Members of a group may work together on projects and readily communicate information, including files.

Toggl is worth a try if you’re seeking for something unique and easy to use.


  • There is always a free basic plan accessible.
  • Increase your concentration at work.
  • Project timelines that are both thorough and colorful
  • Define success criteria and track development Time management for team members
  • Timesheet data may be synced with popular programs such as Gmail, Slack, Toggl, and Github.


Nextiva is another another excellent online platform for teamwork and collaboration.

They are unparalleled in commercial phone systems, and their platform offers outstanding collaboration features.

Essentially, it is intended to simplify the use of a single, sophisticated online platform (as well as a single service provider) for the delivery and control of trustworthy phone service to all employees, regardless of their geographical location.

The Nextiva platform was created to let businesses communicate remotely. With this solution, you may set up a cloud-based call center and provide outstanding customer support.


  • Zero-cost startup qualified VoIP in the cloud Simplified User Interface
  • Control of all communication channels is centralized (including voice, text, and instant messaging)
  • Checks for safety and security
  • Fusion and automata
  • Actual telephones are available upon request.


Using the Filestage platform, managers can easily analyze material with their employees and clients. The Filestage user interface is simple and straightforward. It’s a simple tool that allows for simultaneous internal and external communication and collaboration.

The most appealing aspect of Filestage is that it allows clients to participate in the evaluation and approval process.


  • Take command of the whole workforce and customer base.
  • Everything you need is all in one location.
  • Examine the media and the documentation.
  • Consensus on a document from all parties, timestamped


Finally, Karbon completes our list of the best online collaborative tools. Accounting firms and other service-related businesses may find this platform useful for managing their everyday operations.

Oversee procedures, maintain frequent touch with teammates, and coordinate efforts to give excellent outcomes to clients.

Karbon centralizes your inbox, team discussions, to-do lists, and complex workflows.

You can see and operate more efficiently together than ever before.


  • Email integration Action timelines that are automatically assembled
  • Several automated procedures
  • Super-sturdy and loaded with features

What to Look For

It’s reasonable to conclude that the bulk of online collaboration tools have comparable capabilities. These resources can be divided into smaller, more specialized tools to boost productivity. There are numerous, however here are a few examples:

  • In corporate communications, VoIP and other community platforms are employed.
  • Backups to the cloud
  • Project management software
  • G Suite, Google’s web-based office suite

Nowadays, it’s simple to discover a platform with built-in However, many people find that starting with one of the aforementioned productivity tools and growing from there helps them get the most out of their time. Before deciding on a platform, you should carefully analyze your requirements.

Check that the platform you’ve chosen has everything you’ll need. Keep a watch out for the following signs:

  • Communication that is consistent
  • The Instantaneous Characteristics of Live Chat
  • File editing and collaboration
  • Calls to conference
  • Controls over confidentiality and permissions
  • Conference Calling Conversations
  • Conferencing via video
  • Displays are exchanged.
  • Discussions on a certain project

Given the availability of all of the aforementioned characteristics, it boils down to personal taste.

Why should you use an online collaboration tool?

Increased Productivity

This technology has a significant benefit in terms of efficiency.

You now have a more cohesive team with more balanced responsibility distribution. Every member of the team is aware of the progress achieved by the others.

You may also use time monitoring tools in some applications and online collaboration platforms to track how long it takes to finish a task.

Distributed teams will see an increase in efficiency.

Improved internal communication

As previously said, the use of online collaboration software inevitably leads to increased communication inside the firm.

Everyone is aware of how tasks are assigned, and individual responsibilities have a greater impact on productivity.

In addition, the summary dashboard will allow managers to view the larger picture.

Time saving

A collaboration platform may also help you save time, which is a huge benefit.

How long will it take for your team to become acquainted with one another’s roles, create a method of frequent contact, and comprehend the significance of the job at hand?

Everyone can see the whole picture using a shared platform, and the team will save time working together.

Better corporate management

More efficient administration = more effective dialogue?

Of course, this is not always the case, but it is for us right now.

Upper-level management and board members don’t have to go far to identify who is underperforming and who is prospering in their responsibilities, as well as to assess the overall performance of current projects.

As a result, it is an excellent tool for managing and distributing your company’s resources.

Internet-based collaboration solutions have various advantages.

It is up to you to make the best selection for your company.

How do you choose the best online collaboration software?

Determine your requirements

Before you can select the best collaboration platform, you must first establish what you require.

There are several platforms for collaborative collaboration available, but not all of them are created equal.

Before you begin, make a note on your computer of the important things you will require.

Do you require video conferencing software, a Kanban system for project management, or something else entirely?

Set a budget

Once your needs have been identified, the following stage is to create a thorough budget for your company.

As previously said, there are several collaborative solutions accessible, and not all of them are similar.

The cost might be extremely cheap or extremely costly.

Before making any important decisions, be sure you have a good grip on prices and expenditures.

Top 17 Best Free Online Collaboration Software for 2022

Try out the online collaboration tools

After eliminating the bulk of options, you should be left with only a few options.

Following that, we’ll put the various collaborations to the test.

In truth, the great majority of systems provide a free trial or even an unlimited free plan.

Online Collaboration Software FAQs

Do you have any more worries regarding the current condition of collaborative software?

Some of the most commonly asked questions are included here.

You could find the solution you’re looking for here.

What is an Online Collaboration Tool?

We performed some research on this before.

Regardless, online collaboration tools and software are web-based platforms and technologies that help teams communicate despite their geographical dispersion.

Open lines of communication, document sharing, work allocation, and continual feedback loops are all facilitated by the most successful team collaboration technologies.

What Can Online Collaboration Tools Help With?

What makes free collaboration software so enticing is its ability to keep everyone in the loop incredibly easily, despite their dispersed locations and different timezones.

Team members may easily communicate updates and cooperate on projects thanks to the provided tools.

As a result, open communication guarantees that all stakeholders are on the same page at all times.

Why You Should Use Online Collaboration Tools?

Global teams may collaborate from any location thanks to online collaboration technology.

This type of tool improves communication and production.

That is why it is important for maintaining continuity.

How Much Will it Cost?

There is no clear answer to this issue. The pricing may vary depending on how many outcomes you require.

The ultimate cost will be determined by numerous factors, including the number of users and the features they will require.

When it comes to online collaboration tools, there is no “one size fits all” option.


There is online collaboration software available for every type of organization.

There is no good reason for any firm, large or small, not to embrace a platform like this to take advantage of the unparalleled collaboration that is available with it.

You can’t go wrong with any of the platforms described above; they all have their advantages.

Which one you choose will be determined by things such as your own tastes and the precise features and functionalities you want from an app.

You can use the above list as a starting point for making a decision. Experiment with a few different alternatives to determine what works best. I wish you a pleasant journey.

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