Best Free Task Management Software in 2022

The 14 Best Free Task Management Software in 2022

If you’re looking for the best free task management software available today, you’ve come to the right place.

Time management is an important skill to have in both one’s personal and professional life.

Effective task management is now required for success in any endeavor that requires organization or increased output.

Until recently, however, there was no alternative to paper-based task lists and planners.

There are hundreds of task management apps available today that allow you to streamline teamwork and accomplish more in less time.

What is a task management software?

Using task management software, also known as project management, you can create, rank, organize, and schedule tasks for a project.

Teams can easily create projects, divide up the work, and hold each other accountable for completing their portions by the specified due date using this type of project management software.

Best Free Task Management Software in 2022

Personal task management software is also widely used because it helps you stay on track with your personal development goals and gets things done.

What to look for in task management software

Although not ideal, email and Google Calendar are viable options for project task management.

Any high-quality project task management software should include at least one of the following features, with all three included in the best.

1. Task creation and tracking

This is, without a doubt, the most basic requirement for any project management program.

Whether you use task lists, kanban boards, Gantt charts, or scrum boards, there must be a way to record and track assignments in your task management software.

2. File storage

Everyone’s productivity rises when everyone on your team has easy access to the necessary files, photos, spreadsheets, project ideas, and presentations.

You can easily organize and manage all of your project’s files in one place by using a dedicated document gateway or even just a few upload fields for each assignment.

3. Communication

You’ll need to talk to a lot of people in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Most of the programs in this section include built-in discussion boards or chat rooms, and many of them also include comment sections within their respective task windows.

14 best task management software

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s compare and contrast the features of some of the best task management programs.


Asana is a popular project management application.

Indeed, this task and project management software appears to be ideal for professional use, as it is widely used by startups and marketing teams.

There is a calendar, a way to assign tasks, a way to invite multiple people to work on a project, a way to generate personalized reports, a kanban board view, and much more.

Asana is available on a variety of platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Asana’s free plan is indefinitely available, and the first paid plan starts at just $10.99 per month per user.

Consider using for effective management. not only makes it simple to keep track of everyone’s responsibilities on a team, but it also provides comprehensive business management tools.

The following are examples of notable characteristics:

  • Maintain a schedule
  • A Gantt chart depicts the schedule.
  • Kanban viewpoint
  • Complex team management
  • Keeping track of deadlines and sending out reminders
  • CRM with integrated time management in the workplace is a sophisticated and adaptable task and project management program that, thanks to its template mode functionality, can be scaled to accommodate teams of any size. also has the advantage of being easily integrated with other software and services, making it a truly powerful task management tool.

In terms of pricing, provides a free forever plan that is ideal for side projects and can be used as a trial run for professionals before committing to a paid plan.


Notion goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to online task management software.

True, Notion has a plethora of built-in functions, such as:

  • Enterprise Wiki Project Governance
  • Document management is simplified.
  • A high-quality, team-oriented collaborative tool.
  • Using Kanban to organize work Database development
  • Creating websites using pre-made templates

In recent years, this program has become an absolute necessity for businesses of all sizes, and it does it all.

There is a free version of Notion, but the number of documents you can have and the number of people who can use it are limited.

After that, your only option is to upgrade to the paid version.


Managing your company and projects has never been simpler than with Teamleader.

Companies in need of an all-encompassing management solution should consider Teamleader.

  • CRM with integrated Controlling Estimates and Billings
  • Controlling multiple projects at the same time Monitoring time spent at work Deadline alerts
  • External system compatibility

Teamleader is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool, but it excels at task management, which is why it made our top ten list.

Teamleader does have useful task management features, such as a calendar and kanban view.

You will be able to see how various company projects are progressing at a glance.

After a 14-day free trial period, Teamleader charges €50 per month for the first two users.


Trello is one of the most well-known project management tools. Specifically, Trello was an early innovator in the field.

Trello’s current robust product is ideal for keeping track of what you need to get done on a personal level.

Internally, we use it to ensure consistency across all of our projects.

Trello’s free plan has no time limits, so you can use it indefinitely.


Todoist is the most user-friendly app for task management when compared to the other options on this list.

Todoist makes task management simple because it eliminates unnecessary complexity.

Todoist’s user-friendliness and mobile app allow you to access your task list whenever you need it.

Not only that, but Todoist was created in France (cocorico! ).

Todoist is ideal for personal use because it always offers a free plan.


Wrike is a professional project management system that works well.

Wrike, like Teamwork, is a tool for managing group projects in a single location.

Wrike’s cutting-edge features, such as, facilitate project and task management.

  • Kanban perspective Administration of Task Comments Delegating responsibilities to team members
  • Aside from the Big Picture

Wrike has a free version with limited functionality, but it requires a paid subscription (starting at $9.8 per month per user) to access additional features.

ClickUp (Web, iOS, Android)

Most project management software only provides a few options for displaying your tasks, such as a list, calendar, or Kanban.

Extra perspectives, such as Gantt charts, are usually a paid add-on. However, ClickUp is one-of-a-kind.

It’s a simple project management tool, but it provides eleven distinct perspectives on your work, such as Gantt charts and mind maps.

There are four types of page views: Chat (displays chats alongside your activities), Doc (creates documents, wikis, and knowledge bases), Embed (allows you to add apps and websites alongside your tasks), and Form (allows you to create forms alongside your tasks) (to add a form next to your tasks to gather, organize, and collect data).

ClickUp dashboards are just as adaptable, allowing you to select from more than 20 different widgets to display only the data that is most relevant to your project.

There is a lot of information to digest when you first start using ClickUp.

The learning curve will be steeper than with Trello, for example, but the increased flexibility will be well worth it, especially given the zero cost.

To top it all off, the company has done an excellent job of guiding you through the in-app onboarding process.

You can connect ClickUp to the rest of your apps using Zapier. Discover why ClickUp users love Zapier and try one of the automations listed below.

ClickUp price:

The free tier includes an unlimited number of projects and users, 100MB of storage, and 10 uses of Gantt charts, mind maps, dashboards, and timeline views.

Upgrade to the Unlimited plan for $5 per user, per month to gain access to unlimited list, board, calendar, and Gantt views, as well as unlimited dashboards, guests, and permissions.

ActiveCollab (Web, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android)

If you need a centralized location to manage client projects and associated tasks such as billing and time tracking, ActiveCollab is an excellent choice.

Because the software was created with agencies and independent contractors in mind, it naturally includes tools to help with client management.

Best Free Task Management Software in 2022

You can estimate and track time for each work, mark it as billable (or not), and control costs from the task details panel.

Because of robust user permissions, even the free plan allows for easy client access without jeopardizing sensitive data.

To prevent client users from seeing a specific job, simply select it and check the Hidden from clients box.

If your clients are especially hands-on, you may want to enable the Client+ add-on to grant them access to a new, more collaborative user role.

Workload can be accessed from the sidebar to monitor team capacity, and Reports can be accessed to track billing and receipts, team productivity, individual contributions, and more.

By integrating ActiveCollab with your preferred payment method or accounting software, you can quickly generate and send out accurate quotes and invoices.

ActiveCollab integrates with Zapier, allowing you to automate tasks, updates, and other processes.

ActiveCollab price:

The basic plan includes unlimited projects and tasks, task dependencies, list and Kanban views, and support for up to three users.

For an additional $9.50 per month, the Plus plan includes Gantt and calendar views, project templates, recurring tasks, and other features (for 3 users).

Airtable (Web, iOS, Android)

If you haven’t already, Airtable allows you to create the ideal project management software.

The app is ready to use right away, with a default view that resembles a spreadsheet, and it recommends several pre-made projects based on the work group you belong to.

Use one of the provided examples as a starting point, browse the others for inspiration, or start from scratch with a new project (a “base”).

However, Airtable’s true potential only becomes apparent after it has been customized to your specifications.

Making Airtable work for your specific needs will take some time and effort, but the benefits will be well worth it.

In addition to the methodology and view type, you can change the column headers, field types, data validation, and more.

You can choose from over 80 apps in the Marketplace or create your own to integrate, analyze, and enrich your projects.

Zapier is also Airtable-compatible, allowing you to automatically track data in Airtable, receive alerts when something happens in your Airtable base, and more.

Airtable price:

The free tier includes grid, calendar, and Kanban views, as well as up to five users and 1,200 records per base.

The Plus tier unlocks 5,000 records per base, 5GB of attachments, three extensions per base, and more for $10 per user per month.

GoodDay (Web)

Because of GoodDay’s adaptability, it can meet the needs of teams with varying approaches to project management.

The app supports a variety of methodologies and views, including Gantt, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and waterfall.

The free plan has the most features and options of any free plan we reviewed.

A new project can use any method you want, and you can always make multiple perspectives available.

In addition to the views described above, the Summary tab for each project provides a high-level overview of the project’s tasks, events, users, and burn down.

Another fantastic feature is My Work, which consolidates all of your tasks, events, and projects into one convenient location.

When you first create an account, you can expand GoodDay’s functionality by adding modules like time tracking, client portals, and billing.

Client projects are an additional project type available in the Clients & Customer Portal module, and the Human Resources module includes a personalized Vacations calendar view.

Increase the value of’s free plan by integrating it with your favorite apps via Zapier.

GoodDay price:

The free plan supports an unlimited number of projects and tasks, as well as up to 15 users.

The Professional plan adds access to advanced views (such as Gantt), an additional 250 users, a customer portal, role customizations for existing users, and more for $4 per person per month.

Jira (Web, iOS, Android)

Jira is intended for Scrum and Agile processes, but it also has a Kanban view.

The onboarding flow will suggest a methodology and project template for you to use after you answer a few questions about your team’s projects, experience level with various methodologies, and deadlines.

The Scrum project’s epics will be added to the Roadmap page.

Following that, you can add problems to the backlog one at a time, specifying their severity and prioritizing them for inclusion in the upcoming sprint.

Each project has its own homepage, referred to as a Scrum board, where progress is tracked in real time and column headers, task details, and statuses can be changed as needed.

In addition to native support for tracking and updating backlogs, Jira integrates with other development tools such as GitHub, GitLab, Sentry, and Jenkins to make engineering and development teams’ work easier.

The free plan supports up to ten users but does not permit access restrictions, making it appropriate for individual developers or small development teams.

You can maximize the value of the free plan by having new Jira issues created in response to messages in Slack or GitHub issues using Zapier integrations.

Jira price:

The free basic plan includes an unlimited number of projects on a single site, up to ten users, and Scrum and Kanban boards.

The Standard plan costs $7.50 per user per month and includes more granular user rights, 250 GB of file storage, and other features.

Zoho Projects (Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

Traditional project managers and agile teams can both benefit from Zoho Projects’ adaptability and customization options.

With features such as an intuitive Gantt chart generator, Kanban-style task management, resource utilization charts, and automation tools, Zoho Projects offers a comprehensive solution for teams of any size.

Almost every aspect of a visual component can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

By using previously completed projects as templates, you can save time and effort in the future.

When a new team member logs into Zoho, they have immediate access to onboarding, free tech support, and an extensive online manual.

Zoho Projects can communicate with other Zoho products such as Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Finance Suite because it is part of the larger Zoho ecosystem.

Paymo (Web, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android)

Paymo has proven to be an invaluable resource for freelancers, enabling them to better manage their time, set priorities, and track their progress across multiple projects and clients.

Clients, projects, and tasks are three simple ways to classify labor. Assign due dates, labels, and priority levels to each item separately. You can also upload files in addition to taking notes.

Keeping track of time is simple with Paymo. Simply go to the job in question and turn on the tracker. When the counter is turned off, time is added as a column to the table.

The next step is to bill the customer. Paymo generates an invoice based on the hourly rate.

Furthermore, if the client requests one, you can easily create and submit one at this time.

Furthermore, Paymo is integrated with a variety of payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and others, making the payment process as simple and quick as possible.

In fact, this is arguably the most significant benefit of project management software in general.

Best Free Task Management Software in 2022

Why use task management software?

Do you still dread using paper to-do lists instead of a dedicated task management program?

We’ll show you around and tell you all about this groundbreaking program.

The primary advantage of using a project management tool is the increased mental and organizational clarity it provides.

In fact, we use and Trello to manage everything on this blog, from assigning tasks to specific people to tracking progress.

This makes it much easier to see how far projects have progressed and what still needs to be done.

Another significant benefit is increased team efficiency.

Every member of the team understands his or her responsibilities, the timeline for completion, and, most importantly, the project’s goals.

Each team member can see how his work directly benefits the business by organizing tasks and projects.

As a result, business managers can easily and transparently report to upper management on the status of projects.

Finally, evaluating and implementing task management software into your process has almost entirely positive outcomes.

What is the best task manager?

We can point you in the direction of reputable solutions, but recommending the best task organizer without knowing your specific needs and budget is difficult.

We recommend, Asana, Todoist, and as excellent task management software options.

Why We Dont Recommend These Free Project Management Options


The free version of Teamwork allows your group to have up to five members and work on two different projects at the same time.

Time tracking and multiple project views are available for free.

Other project management software on this list, such as Airtable and ClickUp, offer more dynamic projects, collaborators, and storage space.

Businesses, on the other hand, can access Teamwork’s premium features by upgrading to one of their paid plans.


The free version of Redbooth supports two users and two concurrent workspace sessions.

In comparison to other project management software that allows a relatively limited number of team members, Redbooth’s lack of flexibility in project view formats, customizations, automations, and resource management features is most noticeable.

Redbooth’s mobile app frequently freezes as well.

Which Free Task Management Software Is Right For Your Business?

You should look for free project management software that meets your company’s requirements for the number of users, projects, and storage space for completed projects.

It will also include the tools required to keep your unique business running efficiently and smoothly.

Individuals or small teams working on complex projects will find Airtable and Hive to be excellent choices.

Asana, Basecamp, and Trello are three of the most user-friendly project management platforms available, and they are appropriate for teams of any size.

The free project management software is excellent, but Avaza is the way to go for small businesses in need of financial management tools.

Free plans come in all shapes and sizes, so consider your company’s future needs when making your choice.

If your workload significantly increases and you require more advanced tools, you should choose software with a worthwhile paid plan.

Then, if you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you won’t have to start from scratch with a new company.

If you run a nonprofit or a small business, you might be interested in our posts on the best project management software for these organizations.


What is the best free software for project management?

The best free project management software for you is determined by the size of your team, the number of projects you need to manage, and the complexity of those tasks.

For very large businesses, ClickUp, Asana, and Trello are excellent options.

Airtable and Hive are two tools that allow individuals and small teams to customize their projects and project dashboards to meet their specific requirements.

If you’re a freelancer, is a good place to start, while Avaza’s free resources can help you manage the finances of your small business.

How do I choose the best free project management software?

When deciding on the best free project management software, consider how many people you’ll need to collaborate with, how many projects you expect to work on at once, and whether you want to give people outside your organization access to your project management software.

Next, consider what time and money management tools, such as invoicing and resource allocation, you might require.

The complexity of your projects should also be considered.

You’ll know exactly what program you need once you’ve answered these questions.

What is the easiest project management software to use?

Trello, Basecamp, and Asana are the most user-friendly project management software options.

All of the programs described here, however, can be picked up and used with minimal training.

How can I tell if a free project management software is legit or a scam?

Reading software reviews and the “fine print” of free software packages can assist you in determining whether a piece of project management software is legitimate.

While installing Trello’s “free” Power-Up integrations is free, using certain Power-Ups on your boards will incur additional fees.

Is there a free version of Microsoft Project?

Unfortunately, Microsoft Project is not free.


Deciding on the most suitable task management software is an important step towards effective and fruitful work.

The right instrument has the power to save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

To select the one, you need to understand the project with its specifics, timing, and the team.

Then you can define who is responsible for which part of the work, track the workflow and manage processes.

And then you compare project management tools’ pros and cons and define what works better for your team and the exact project.

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