How to Share Tiktok videos to Instagram Story

How to Share Tiktok videos to Instagram Story? 10 Methods

This tutorial will show you how to incorporate Tiktok videos into your Instagram story.

Many people, including yourself, undoubtedly use many platforms at the same time, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

You’ve been generating wonderful TikTok videos and want to rapidly share them to Instagram as Reels or stories? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

This tutorial will show you how to easily change your content for usage on multiple social networking networks.

Why share a TikTok video to Instagram story?

Let’s start with why you should publish your TikTok videos to Instagram.

There are several reasons to publish your TikTok videos on Instagram, but these are the three most common.

More content published

If you add TikTok content in your Instagram story, you could expect an increase in the number of posts you make to the site, which might lead to more visibility and followers.

In fact, if you want to submit your TikTok videos to Instagram, you’ll be producing a lot more stuff than you were before.

Improve TikTok exposure

By publishing your TikTok videos and account on Instagram, you may enhance the amount of people who see them.

How to Share Tiktok videos to Instagram Story

Although TikTok is a brilliant mobile app for sharing content, enhancing your TikTok videos with another social media platform is an excellent way to expand your visibility across several channels.

Get more followers on TikTok

Sharing TikTok videos on Instagram is a terrific strategy to get visibility for your TikTok profile.

If even a tiny fraction of your Instagram followers also use TikTok, the number of individuals who follow you on TikTok will grow.

How to share a TikTok video to your Instagram story?

Let’s have a look at the procedure now that you know why it’s a good idea to transfer videos from TikTok to Instagram.

TikTok videos may be published to Instagram stories in several ways:

  • Direct transmission via the TikTok mobile app
  • TikTok video should be recorded, saved on your phone, and then shared on Instagram.

Sharing TikTok videos to Instagram stories from TikTok

To effortlessly distribute your TikTok video, simply send it from the TikTok app itself.

To share a Tiktok video on Instagram, do the following:

  • Start the TikTok software.
  • Navigate to your profile page.
  • Simply touch on a video to email it to a friend.
  • Select the ellipsis () in the bottom right corner for more possibilities.
  • Sharing choices are displayed; choose Instagram or Instagram stories to share.
  • You’ve been sent to Instagram.
  • TikTok videos may be seen in the narrative editing section.
  • The story is yours to change as you see fit.
  • Select the “Publish” option.

As you can see, it’s a straightforward method for getting your TikTok videos out there quickly.

You may expand on your story by including a link to your TikTok video.

With this strategy, you may be able to draw more viewers to your TikTok channel, resulting in a greater following on the platform.

Sharing TikTok videos to Instagram from the camera roll

TikTok videos may now be imported into Instagram stories through the camera roll.

In this situation, the technique is more intricate and time-consuming, but it produces the same outcomes.

Simply follow my instructions:

  • Start the TikTok software.
  • Navigate to the Instagram video you want to share.
  • A TikTok video that you may download here.
  • Simply click the Instagram app’s icon to get started.
  • By touching on your profile photo, you may begin a new story.
  • Pull up (opens the camera roll)
  • Start the TikTok video you downloaded.
  • Edit the accompanying file to customize the Instagram story to your individual needs.
  • It is now time to hit the “publish” button.

Again, if you want people to view your original TikTok video, include a link to your profile.

In this case, we can see that, despite the more extensive method, the outcome is the same.

Can I Add a TikTok Link to My Instagram Profile?

You must use the URL supplied in your bio to advertise your TikTok channel on Instagram.

To alter the URL of your profile, take these steps:

– Navigate to your profile page and select the “Edit Profile” option to make changes to your Instagram profile.

– A new window will open, allowing you to input the URL in the “website” area.

– When completed, tick the box in the top right corner.

Why cannot I share a TikTok on Instagram

If you can’t find it, try the following alternatives:

  • Turn the phone off and on again.
  • TikTok app is being updated.
  • Install the app from scratch.
  • Perform a fresh boot.
  • First, ensure that you have access to the internet.
  • Use whatever additional tools you have.

What About Sharing My Instagram Posts to TikTok?

There is no built-in feature to share material to the app like TikTok. TikTok requires you to manually import Instagram posts and Stories from your phone’s camera roll.

Repurposing your TikTok videos to Reels

Reels, the newest app in town, is another another excellent way to reuse your TikTok videos on Instagram (and vice versa)!

Many people have pointed out how similar Reels is to TikTok, but we believe it has its own unique potential.

First and foremost? Because it’s incorporated inside Instagram, where everyone already hangs out, you won’t have to learn an entirely new site.

Instagram is also well-known for being more consumer-focused than TikTok and attracting a little more mature (cough: older) user population.

As a result, it is a smart idea to distribute your short-form video content on both channels to extend your audience.

You won’t even need to cut your videos because they both allow recordings up to 15 seconds long.

Simply film them in their natural habitat on the platform with the more easy editing capabilities, add them to your camera reel, and then upload them to the other service.

Schedule Your TikTok Content to Instagram with Plann

TikTok videos may be used to create entertaining Instagram Stories.

Using Plann’s Stories and Post planner, you can organize your TikTok content and stay on top of your content calendar.

It relieves the pressure of having to create a fresh Instagram post every day. You may prepare a week’s or a month’s worth of tales ahead of time and not worry about accidently dropping off the radar of your fans.

The only step required is to create an account.

You can select to post when your target audience is online and when certain hashtags provide the best results, and Plann is completely free to use.

How to Share Tiktok videos to Instagram Story

Sharing a Public TikTok Video to Instagram

– Launch TikTok and click the addition symbol (+) to add material.

– Hold down the red button to record a video or pick an existing clip to add.

– When you’re through making changes to the video, click Next.

– Change “who can see this movie” to “the general public.”

– Choose the Instagram app’s icon and then tap the Post button to post a photo or video.

– When you publish and share a video on TikTok, the app will transport you to Instagram, where you’ll see the “Feed” and “Stories” tabs.

– Simply select your favorite, and Instagram will walk you through the typical post/stories prompts, where you may customize the photo with a filter, description, and hashtags.

– When you’re finished, simply click “Publish.”

Sharing a private TikTok video

– Launch TikTok and click the addition symbol (+) to add material.

– To begin a new recording, press and hold the red button, or select an existing video from your collection to add.

– When you’re through making changes to the video, click Next.

– In the “Who Can View This Video” box, tick the option next to “Private.”

– To share a TikTok video on Instagram, go to your profile and choose the video you want to share.

– Select “Save Video” from the menu that shows when you press the three dots on the right side of the screen.

– Launch Instagram and choose whether to publish the footage in your feed or in your Stories.

– Choose the TikTok video from your collection and then tap the “Upload to Instagram” option.

– After you’ve completed editing your movie with effects and subtitles, click the “Share” option.

Link Your TikTok With Instagram

You may save a lot of time by linking your TikTok and Instagram accounts.

As a result, you may now transfer information considerably faster. You won’t have to move between apps every time you want to share a movie.

The nice part is that you can just continue to post films as they appear on TikTok.

You can continue to use TikTok while the videos are published to Instagram Stories using the given link. Isn’t it convenient?

Here are the procedures to linking your TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Step 1: open the TikTok app.

To begin, use the TikTok app and pick your profile.

Step 2: select the Edit Profile option.

Click the correct link to edit your profile.

Step 3: click the “Add Instagram to Your Profile” option.

By heading to the Edit Profile area and scrolling down to it, you can add the Instagram button to your profile.

Step 4: sign in to your Instagram account.

To get access to your Instagram account, simply follow the instructions in the notice that just appeared.

Step 5: Procedure Completion

To complete the operation successfully, please read and carefully follow all of the instructions.

Unlink Your Instagram Account

Do you regret linking your TikTok and Instagram accounts? You should not be concerned. You can deactivate your accounts at any time and from any location.

Step 1: Download the TikTok app and go to your profile.

Make a TikTok account right now. Locate your profile in the lower right corner of your smartphone screen and press on the letter I to access it.

Step 2: Select the option to modify your profile to go to the next level.

Click the correct link to edit your profile.

Step 3: Go to Instagram.

The Instagram symbol must be selected. Your Instagram account will be delinked as soon as you do this.

Part 4: Follow Directions

Simply follow the on-screen directions to delete your Instagram account.


Sharing and reposting movies on tiktok may provide users with a variety of perks. They may enhance their Instagram fame simply by uploading tiktok videos.

You may connect your Instagram account to your tiktok account under the edit profile section of your tiktok profile.


How do I get a whole TikTok on Instagram story?

TikTok is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a social networking app. TikTok videos are often funny and short in length.

If a user films a 15-second TikTok clip, the entire video can be featured in an Instagram story.

You may share your clip on your Instagram story when you’ve finished filming it.

How do you make TikTok videos fit on Instagram?

TikTok users may create and share short videos with one another using the social networking app.

The videos’ file size should not exceed 1MB, and they can be as long as 15 seconds. If you wish to post a TikTok movie to Instagram, there are a handful of workarounds.

Why won’t my whole TikTok post on Instagram?

Instagram users can quickly create and share short videos using the TikTok app.

Because it uses artists’ music in videos without securing the appropriate permits, the app has been accused of infringing on their copyrights.

Is it legal to post TikTok videos on Instagram?

It is against the guidelines for TikTok users to upload videos to Instagram.

TikTok users may upload short films to the network in order to get followers.

Posting videos from TikTok to Instagram is against both apps’ terms of service.

How to Share Tiktok videos to Instagram Story

How long can an IG post be?

Though users are allowed to publish whatever they want on Instagram, it’s advisable to keep posts to around a thousand words.

Can I use someone else’s TikTok video?

It is not permitted to utilize another user’s TikTok video.

Can I post TikTok videos on Instagram with music?

TikTok is a social networking software that allows users to record and share short videos of themselves doing various activities.

Instagram users may also post videos that include audio effects and music.

How long can Reels be?

You may make as many reels as you like. The only thing restricting how long the backing may be is how much line you want to store on the reel.

How do you make a TikTok video go viral?

It just takes a few thousand likes and comments for a TikTok video to get popular and spread.

It can also spread quickly if you share it on social media or have an influential person publish it.

Can you share a TikTok video without them knowing?

To put it bluntly, yes. There are numerous ways to achieve this, but these are the two most frequent.

  1. Download the video from TikTok and save it on your phone.
  2. Open an editing application, such as VivaVideo or iMovie, and remove any unnecessary elements of the video before uploading it.

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