How to See Views on Instagram

How to See Views on Instagram – 8 Ways To Find Out

This post will teach you how to easily check the view count on your Instagram profile.

Have you been using Instagram but can’t figure out how to check views?

In this post, we’ll look at why restricting your Instagram followers’ likes could be a smart idea.

Instagram has been quickly developing since Facebook purchased it in 2012.

The app is currently used by over 1.2 billion people worldwide, with 700 million of those using it daily.

With so many users, it’s difficult to stand out and grow your business.

You’ll need to undertake some introspection, especially when it comes to policing your own ideas in your writing.

If you follow our advice, you’ll have a better chance of becoming an Instagram sensation.

Overview of views on Instagram ‘s Photos and Videos

Do you have an Instagram account and want to know who has seen your videos?

In case you haven’t guessed, we’re about to explain why it’s critical to keep track of your thoughts.

Check the views counter on your profile to discover how many people have seen your Instagram post.

It will be intriguing to evaluate this data after it has been collated to determine if the information was well received.

How to See Views on Instagram

People liked a video since it received a lot of views (likes, shares, etc.).

If this is not the case, and your video does not garner the degree of interaction you had hoped for, you will need to investigate why.

You can find the best layout for your Instagram stories by evaluating the amount of views and interactions received by each video.

You’ll have access to all of the information you need to calculate your Instagram involvement rate.

This way, you’ll know who has seen your postings and whether they’re friends or foes.

You may view this data with either a standard or a business account, although the latter is necessary if you need more.

Instagram profiles sometimes conceal their likes count in order to avoid being unfairly compared to competitors.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t provide you a lot of information on who visits your profile or posts. As a result, questions like “can you see who saw your Instagram post?” are popular.

Except for Instagram Stories, you can’t see who is looking at your photos and videos on Instagram.

This functionality is not available for ordinary photo and video uploads, which is unfortunate.

As a result, you won’t know who’s looking at your Instagram account until they like or comment on one of your photos or videos.

In any case, you can tell how many times a video has been seen.

If you have a business Instagram account, you can also see how many people have watched your content or how many times it has been viewed in the last week. Regrettably, the list of user names is restricted.

The only frequent updates you get are tallies of who liked your photo and who commented on it.

How to see views on Instagram?

Instagram uses a number of strategies to monitor who has seen your posts.

Today, we’ll teach you a simple, easy-to-apply approach.

The following is the sequence of events:


  1. Install the Instagram app on your mobile device.
  2. Examine your profile.
  3. The video you’re looking for is right here, so click away.
  4. You can check how many people have viewed this by clicking here (bottom left of your post).
  5. Please scroll down to see a list of “Liked By” people.
  6. Choose their name from the Viewed By drop-down menu to discover who else has looked at this.

This allows you to see who saw your message.

You can use this approach for all future updates to your profile.

How are views ranked on Instagram?

Instagram, like any other social network, has tips and methods that users should be aware of. More Instagram followers might be yours if you use the available tools wisely.

When you examine the amount of views, likes, and comments on your articles, you may have noticed that certain people always appear to be at the top of the list.

The Instagram algorithm is made up of these processes in this particular order.

However, Instagram would not accept it.

The first-placed folks, on the other hand, are the ones with whom you have the most frequent encounters.

Your level of acquaintance with these people influences how they appear in this rating.

Instagram was undoubtedly established on relationships to family, friends, and common interests…

How to see who viewed one of your Instagram stories

1. To begin using Instagram, simply launch it on your mobile device.

2. from the menu bar, pick Your Story (your profile image). Your profile page also serves as a gateway to your story. The circle surrounding your profile photo will have a different color in both circumstances.

3. From the left-hand menu, select Activity.

4. A window will appear with the number of persons who have watched the film and their identities. By scrolling down the list, you may see their names.

How to see who viewed your Instagram video

1. Instagram, a smartphone app, should be launched.

2. Choose your profile photo by clicking on the matching icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. The next step is to identify and then touch on the video for which you wish to view statistics.

4. Keep in mind that videos may be identified by the video player icon that displays in the bottom right corner of the screen.

5. The number of views and a few names of people who liked the video display beneath the video itself. By tapping on the labels, you can acquire more information.

6. The total number of views is displayed again at the top of the information section, but individual visitors’ names remain obscured. You may either scroll through the full list to discover who liked the video, or use the search box at the top to find a specific person fast.

How and why to view the statistical data of Instagram views?

Having access to Instagram’s analytics data will provide you a better insight of your account’s efficacy and success.

Viewing these information requires a business account (see our tutorial to switch to a business account on Instagram).

Check your general statistics for a weekly summary of your activity on the following subjects.


  • Impressions -> Number of times your ad has been displayed on users’ screens.
  • Reach -> Number of unique users who have seen your Instagram post.
  • Clicks -> Number of clicks on links on your Instagram profile.
  • Profile views -> The number of times there were views on your Instagram profile.
  • Followers -> The change in your followers over the week.

Do you want to know how to monitor Instagram views?

You now understand how to make the most of Instagram statistics and why it’s critical to track the success of your account.

Effective time management will result in a solid Instagram profile that can attract as many followers as possible, therefore this is something you should absolutely investigate.

How to see who viewed your Instagram post using likes

Step 1:

Go to the page of the post you want to track to see how many people have seen it and who has liked it.

You can discover who liked your video or photo by scrolling down.

By clicking the ‘others’ button next to the name of the person who liked your post, you may see who else liked it.

Step 2:

You should now see two numbers at the very top of the screen.

The first number is the total number of times your photo or video has been seen, while the second represents the total number of times it has been liked.

Below the numbers are the names of those who have liked your post.

This method simply gives you the names of individuals who liked your Instagram post, not the entire list of watchers.

Your article was also seen by those on this list. Instagram, however, does not give you with information on who read your post.

This data may then be used to create a basic profile of the people who saw your article.

How to See Views on Instagram

See Who Views Your Instagram With Third Party Apps

Please research other apps before proceeding.

Despite great response from Instagram users, none of these is officially endorsed by Instagram, and your data will be shared with a third party.

In any event, because they are safe, have many positive reviews, and will display your account’s most recent visits, these two programs will help you discover more about the Instagram followers of your choosing.

Follower Analyzer

Install the Android software Follower Analyzer.

This app’s capabilities include:

  • Track new followers and learn who your “fans” are on Instagram; uncover who has unfollowed you and who isn’t following you back.
  • Keep track of your followers’ likes and dislikes.
  • Examine the fans who never or regularly reply to your updates.
  • Examine the material on your page that has garnered the most attention.
  • Examine the most popular videos.
  • Investigate your most often tagged friends and family members.
  • Examine the metrics of any accounts you follow.

This application simplifies the examination of any and every data! Privacy and confidentiality are a thing of the past.

If that’s the case, Android users might look at the Follower Analyzer app.

You may use this data to figure out who your most profitable clients are.

For example, if you see that there are a lot of accounts similar to yours, say, a lot of fashionistas, you might want to focus more on sharing fashion-related material to reach the people who appear to be interested in it.

Ig Master Followers Analyzer

Ig Master Followers Analyzer is a popular iPhone app that allows you to track your Instagram followers and their activities.

This app, like the Android version, allows you to accomplish the following:

  • Who has ceased to follow you?
  • Count the number of people who do not follow you back.
  • Investigate the blocking party.
  • Find your page’s most committed followers.
  • Bulk management of followers and likes is possible.
  • Make eye contact with your audience.
  • Check your fans’ current activities.
  • Find potential new fans to follow.
  • Examine the performance of your postings.

The creators of this program are rather proud of the fact that it solely caters to Instagram celebs. According to the creators, this application will target Instagram followers “like a pro.”

If you’re serious about Instagram and want to know who’s seeing your feed, any of these apps will suffice!

They will undoubtedly aid you in deciphering the nuances of your account data so that you can make the most educated selections possible.

As a result, even if you can’t see who checks your Instagram account using the normal Instagram settings, there are ways to gather the most information available.

On Instagram, you can create a corporate profile, and everyone can see who has viewed their story.

At the absolute least, building an Instagram corporate profile might assist you in determining the best time to post.

If you want to get a breakdown of your Instagram engagement sources, look at these third-party apps.

See How Many Views Your Instagram Gets

Despite the fact that you cannot see individual viewers, there are methods for determining how many people viewed your Instagram post and how many impressions it received.

In the settings, you may create a professional account.

It is not necessary to be a business in order to access these possibilities.

When it asks you to link a Facebook page, you may skip that step. In truth, all that is necessary is your contact information.

An Instagram business account is the most easy and effective method to track the statistics of your account and assess the popularity of your posts.

A business account grants access to three additional features.

1. Activity

You can monitor your Instagram postings with a business profile.

Involvement refers to all types of user interaction, including navigational and profile-based activities.

Instagram will inform you which day of the week receives the most attention, as well as how many clicks you’ve received in a week. It even compares this week to the previous week.

Your daily account reach and newly found accounts may also be displayed here.

It’s useful to know which days of the week have the greatest Instagram activity.

If you know that most of your followers are likely to be online on Mondays, post more frequently on those days.

2. Content

Following that, you can examine your Instagram post and the overall amount of views it has had thus far, including interaction, followers, impressions, and more.

The time span can be restricted to a certain week, month, or year.

Instagram recognizes that you want to observe how your thoughts evolve over time.

Instagram photos are sorted based on how many times they have been liked. You should now have a good idea of what kind of articles your followers love reading.

3. Audience

Finally, your target audience is in sight. These data may quickly reveal the demographics of your Instagram followers, such as their ages, localities, and peak online periods.

Discover your audience’s gender distribution, where they live, and how old they are, among other demographic statistics.

Even if you can’t see the identities of particular people, these Instagram analytics are really useful!

The bottom image illustrates a popular feature, the Followers section.

You may be able to view a graph of your followers’ activity levels so that you can publish at the best moment. Between 3 and 7 p.m. is the best time.

4. Link In Bio Engagement

Create a Pro profile on to track your stats, such as the number of individuals that clicked your link in bio and other links they visited.

If you want to know who is looking at your Instagram account, now is the time to create a business account.

How to See Views on Instagram

It is completely free! To top it all off, Upleap provides a one-month free trial.

An Upleap account manager can help you grow your business, increase your follower following, and make the most of Instagram.

Instagram Lets You See Some Details on Who Viewed Your Content

Instagram may incorporate a feature in the future that shows which users have viewed a user’s photo feed.

Until then, all you can do is track the interaction on your Stories and the performance of the videos you publish to your feed.


Instagram is a prominent social networking software that focuses in photo sharing and is one of the most commonly utilized of its kind.

Instagram users regularly upload 95 million photographs and videos. It permits the transfer of moving images as well as motionless photographs

If you’re a frequent Instagram user, you’ve probably wondered if and how you can track who views your photos.

It’s one of the most often asked questions in the virtual world. You can see how many times your Instagram post has been seen, but not who has viewed it.

You will only be able to see who has watched your photo or video if it is part of a story.

Instagram, however, does not allow you to trace who has viewed your content.

If you submit an image or video directly to your feed, you will only see two metrics: total number of views and total number of likes.

Instagram, on the other hand, does not make this information public to its users. You can, however, see the same information about who has viewed and liked your posts.

This is correct since everyone who enjoyed your post has seen it.

However, because this only shows a small percentage of individuals who have read your message, you won’t know who liked or disliked it.

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