How to See Mutual Followers on Instagram?

How to See Mutual Followers on Instagram? 4 Ways & Tip

This guide will show you how to see who your mutual Instagram followers are.

Instagram has recently undergone numerous enhancements.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app that allows you to connect with your friends and the rest of the world.

Instagram has a massive user base, with over a billion people using the service.

When you look at an Instagram profile, whether it’s that of a friend or an influencer, you might wonder if any of your own friends are following the profile you’re looking at.

That’s a natural question, and Instagram has a tool for answering it.

This is referred to as “mutual followers.”

Let’s see how we can view each other’s Instagram followers together.

What does mutual followers mean on Instagram?

Let’s start with a definition of mutual Instagram followers.

Simply put, if you and another Instagram user have followers in common, it means you are connected in some way.

Instagram recently added a feature that allows users to see the shared list of followers between two accounts.

How to See Mutual Followers on Instagram?

Is it possible to see mutual followers on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram allows you to see who your friends follow.

Instagram’s common followers feature is available to everyone, and it displays accounts that you and another user both follow.

Furthermore, this is a relatively simple task.

Please keep in mind that this option is only available for public or followed private Instagram accounts.

How to find mutual followers on Instagram?

If you want to find people on Instagram with whom you share interests, you’ll need to create an account.

Before you can begin the process, you must be following the account you want to check for mutual friends or the account must be public.

If you don’t, the method will be ineffective.

Here’s how to find people on Instagram who follow each other:

  • Start Instagram.
  • Enter the user whose mutual followers you want to investigate into the search bar.
  • Select Followers or People You’re Following from the Instagram profile.
  • A new window opened up.
  • There are several options, including “Mutual,” “Followers,” “Following,” and “Suggested.”
  • Continue by clicking on the Mutual tabs.
  • You can currently see everyone who follows both of you on Instagram.

This method is appropriate for both mobile and desktop devices.

On your desktop, use the following method to see who else is following you on Instagram:

  • Simply visit and sign in.
  • Choose the user whose profile you want to look at for common friends.
  • Navigate to the user’s bio and click the “Followed by” link.
  • A list will appear as a result.

Another Way To find mutual followers on Instagram

Checking mutual followers on the Instagram app

If you want to use Instagram on your mobile device, follow these steps.

  • Launch Instagram and go to the “Explore” section in the app’s footer.
  • Simply search for the user’s name to see your mutual followers.
  • A list of the people you both follow will appear beneath the person’s bio.
  • Tap on the link to see a list of your shared followers.

Those who use the Instagram mobile application You can quickly and easily view the profiles of everyone who follows and is followed by the given user in this manner.

Remember that you can only see mutual followers if the profile with which you want to see the mutuals is public.

What you must do is p, and I will show you how.

Checking mutual followers on PC

Here are the steps you must take in order to use Instagram in a browser.

Step 1: Go to Instagram’s homepage and sign in with your account information.

Step 2: Find the user whose profile you want to view mutuals with.

Step 3: All of your mutual followers are listed beneath the target’s bio on their profile page.

See Mutual Followers on Mobile

The Mutual followers list is where you and your friend can see who your mutual followers are on Instagram.

Checking the mutual list, which displays the mutual followers and following you share with another Instagram account owner, reveals the accounts you both follow.

How to See Mutual Followers on Instagram?

The Mutual followings page is available on both desktop and mobile devices. It is necessary to have the Instagram mobile app.

Go to the other user’s profile and click the Followers tab to see the mutual followers you and that user share.

You can view your mutual followers on Instagram by following these steps on your mobile device:

Step 1: Open Instagram on your smartphone.

Step 2: You must enter your login information to access your Instagram account.

Step 3: The bottom panel of the screen will display a variety of icons. Then, by clicking the Search icon, you can find the Instagram account whose mutual followers you want to see.

Step 4: Select the profile to go straight to it from the search results. A menu with options like Post, Followers, and Following will appear next to the profile image.

Step 5: Then click the Followers button. You will be shown the profile’s list of followers.

Step 6: In the following step, a new option labeled “Mutual” will appear on the left side of the list of followers.

If you tap on it, a list of people who follow both of your Instagram accounts will appear.

Checking Mutual Followers on the Instagram Website

Here’s how to use Instagram on a computer:

  1. Sign in to Instagram’s website.
  2. Simply enter the individual’s name into the search box.
  3. By selecting it, you can view the person’s profile.
  4. A list of everyone who follows both of you can be found under your bio.
  5. Please click “more” to continue reading.
  6. To view the entire directory, click “See All Followers.”

How to hide mutual followers list on Instagram?

Instagram users have only one option to “Hide” their mutual followers list.

This simple strategy can easily exclude your followers.

You cannot hide your mutual followers from your current followers, but you can hide them from anyone who is not already following you.

If you make your Instagram private, no one who isn’t already following you will be able to see who you’re following or who is following you.

That’s surprisingly useful for personal security.

However, your current followers will be able to see your mutual followers, which is not ideal.

Why can’t I see mutual friends on instagram?

If you aren’t following a user on Instagram and want to see their friends list, it’s usually because that user has a private profile.

The Instagram followers of a private profile are indeed hidden. It also hides your friend lists from people you already know by default.

Your mutual followers list would be exposed otherwise.

If you are already following the person but are unable to see the mutual friends list, we recommend waiting a few hours and trying again.

How To See If You Have Mutuals In Common On Instagram

On Instagram, you can see your mutual friends in two ways. Examine their profile to get a sense of how interconnected your networks are.

Tap the button to see the full list of people who follow them. If the account belongs to a real person rather than Glossier, people you already follow will be shown first.

(The first people to load under followers will not be mutuals if the account has more than two million followers, as Glossier does.)

To the left of the Followers panel, a Mutuals tab will appear, detailing how many mutual friends you have (if you have any).

If you have no mutual friends with the account holder, there will be no Mutuals section.

How To See If Your Friends Follow The Account On Instagram

Assume you’re on Instagram looking into a new skin care brand because you’re interested in the products they’re selling.

It may entice you to try their products if you discover that some people you know, such as a good skin influencer, already follow the account.

How to See Mutual Followers on Instagram?

Type their name into the search bar and click on their profile to see who else is following an account you don’t follow.

If the account is followed by people you know, two user names and the total number of accounts you follow that also follow each of those users will appear in a preview.

By selecting that quantity, you will be taken to that user’s Mutual followers page.


You can meet new people and expand your social circle by utilizing Instagram’s mutual features.

It is not creepy to conduct background checks on people you meet online. Instagram’s widespread popularity can be attributed in part to the app’s superior usability.

We hope that this article has provided a simple and efficient method for determining whether two accounts have the same followers.

The time has come to start building your network, which we hope will be a pleasant and rewarding experience for you from now on.


How can you see mutual followers between two Instagram accounts?

Instagram allows you to see who you both follow in a variety of ways. You can find out who follows both accounts by looking at the “Following” or “Followers” tabs on each profile, or by using a third-party app like SocialBlade.

How do you see your mutual likes on Instagram?

Checking your profile’s “likes” section is the quickest way to discover shared interests. You can also find people with whom you share interests by searching for their username and then clicking on their most recent post.

How do you see mutual?

Mutual funds pool the funds of many investors to invest in a diverse portfolio of securities such as stocks and bonds.

What does mutuals mean on Instagram?

Checking your profile’s “likes” section is the quickest way to discover shared interests. You can also find people with whom you share interests by searching for their username and then clicking on their most recent post.

Can you turn off mutual followers on Instagram?

Mutual funds pool the funds of many investors to invest in a diverse portfolio of securities such as stocks and bonds.

How do you know if someone has you on restricted on Instagram?

Logging out and back into Instagram can help you determine if your account has been restricted. If you can read anything that person has posted, they have not blocked you.

How can you tell if a person is following you on Instagram?

If you look at the top right of a user’s feed, you can see if they follow you on Instagram. If they are following you, a small blue circle with a white checkmark will appear next to your profile picture.

Can you see someone’s activity on Instagram?

No, you can’t see someone’s activity on Instagram. The only way to see someone’s activity is if they allow you to follow them.

If you block someone on Instagram will he see your followers?

If you block someone on Instagram then your followers and the following list will not be visible to the person, even all the stuff that you posted on your Instagram will not visible to the person.

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