How to Search & Find Someone's Deleted Tweets

How to Search & Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets? 9 Hacks

The focus of today’s post is how to recover deleted tweets.

Everyone has an opinion, and a single tweet may drastically change public opinion.

Depending on whether or not their tweet becomes viral, you may become the hero or villain of your own story, or someone else’s.

Every move you do on Twitter is being closely watched by thousands upon thousands of people.

Similarly, you should keep an eye on what other people are up to, particularly on Twitter.

Even if there is no official way to view deleted tweets, the mere knowledge that someone deleted a tweet in which you were mentioned may give you nightmares.

If it did mention you, all you’d get is a notice, and the reference would vanish as soon as the original tweet was deleted.

There are, however, ways to recover a deleted tweet. Such approaches, however, are not encouraged since they do not ensure the security or privacy of gathered information.

If you’re new to Twitter, this post will teach you how to discover someone’s deleted tweets for free.

How to find deleted tweets

Tweets that have been deleted can be retrieved in one of three ways:

1. Request your own Twitter archive

Looking through your Twitter history is the most secure way to recover deleted tweets from your own account.

 How to Search & Find Someone's Deleted Tweets

This information is available on Twitter under your account’s archiving settings. It is now able to download, search, and navigate your repository of forgotten books.

2. Use the Wayback Machine website

If you know the precise time and date of the tweets you’re looking for, this website may come in helpful. It searches online archives for certain dates and gives results.

After you’ve input the profile’s URL, you may restrict your search by selecting a time window.

3. Third-party apps and websites

Deleted tweets may occasionally be recovered and viewed using third-party programs designed expressly for this purpose. is one of the most well-known, as well as one of the most user-friendly.

Enter a user’s Twitter handle here to see all of their deleted tweets.

Some users also utilize the Snap Bird App to search through their prior tweets and content; however, this does not let users to access previously deleted tweets.

However, because Twitter has not reviewed these sites, users should proceed with caution due to privacy and security concerns.

Twitter archives to see deleted tweets

Tweets can be deleted from your timeline permanently, but they will remain in Twitter’s archives.

You must first request that your archives be downloaded. To begin a download, navigate to your account settings > your name > archives.

You may download a list of your archived and deleted tweets from this page, which you can then save to your device.

The list is organized by the date it was published online.

Sorting the list by date might help you find a certain tweet.

Use Wayback machine to see deleted tweets

This approach for recovering lost tweets is efficient and successful.

We’ll use a terrific resource that captures screenshots of the web and archives any page at random intervals to do this.

Use the Wayback Machine to recover a user’s deleted tweets. Enter the Twitter handle of the individual whose tweets you’re looking for.

The deleted tweets may be viewed by going to the archived version of the profile and choosing the proper time range.

Aside from that, screenshots of deleted tweets can occasionally be found on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Even if the person who posted the viral tweet deletes it, archived versions may still persist.

This happens when many users retweet the same message, but some of them just copy and paste the tweet into their own profile, skipping the retweet button completely.

A tweet may be erased from its originating source, and all retweets can be promptly removed, but screenshots and copied tweets remain available.

When this occurs, the original user’s privacy may be violated, and if the tweets in issue are hurtful or defamatory, the original user has the right to request that they be deleted.

By Googling

The renowned individual whose deleted tweets are being sought for is that celebrity nine times out of ten.

Certainly not! Everyone loves it when these larger-than-life characters are proven to be flawed.

The good news is that you’re probably not the first person to try to find deleted tweets from celebrities.

From dedicated fans to the media, a lot of people are keeping eyes on these celebs. Someone has most certainly copied and screenshotted their tweets.

For example, one website records deleted tweets from notable politicians, including many of their more contentious sentiments.

Twitter is your best bet for these old tweets.

When a celebrity’s tweet gets erased, numerous people on the lookout will take a screenshot and share it online.

 How to Search & Find Someone's Deleted Tweets

Because of this, many well-known personalities have been caught with their proverbial foot in their mouth.

Check the Google Cache

Browsers, as is well known, save recently visited sites in a cache to speed up later visits. I didn’t realize Google performed the same thing.

As you scrolled through Google’s search results, you may have seen a little arrow next to select results.

Click the arrow to see a copy of the webpage saved in your browser’s cache.

This approach may be used to view a tweet that was previously deleted from a popular account.

If the deleted tweet was recently deleted, it is possible that it is still available via cache.

The one limitation is that Google requires some amount of recognition for the account to be cached.

  1. When you Google a Twitter user’s handle, you’ll obtain a cached copy of all of their past tweets.
  2. In related searches, their most recent tweets will surface. Click the down arrow next to any of the items to choose Cached.
  3. Opens the tweet in the cached version of Google. The cache’s creation and modification timestamps will be highlighted. If you refresh your cache, this information may be lost, so take a snapshot for protection.

By Using the Wayback Machine

If the deleted tweet you’re seeking for is too ancient to appear in Google’s cache and too obscure for anybody to have saved it, the Wayback Machine is your best bet.

The Internet Archive is one such website, sometimes known as the “Internet Time Machine” because to its role in preserving the history of the internet.

Though several websites provide comparable functions, the Wayback Machine is the most well-known and trustworthy of them all.

The Internet Archive stores archival copies of all publicly accessible online pages. This allows you to view how a website appeared years ago.

Twitter accounts of several well-known persons are featured.

  1. Search the Wayback Machine for historical tweets that have since been erased.
  2. To view a specific user’s tweets, just copy and paste their profile URL into the text box next to BROWSE HISTORY.
  3. A calendar will appear, displaying when the Twitter account was archived at various times in time.
  4. When you hover your mouse over a date, you’ll see the timestamps and quantity of photos shot that day.
  5. By clicking on the photographs, you may see them larger. Instead of displaying merely a picture, the complete page will refresh in its prior state. It’s business as usual, so go ahead and capture any tweets you want.

By Searching the Twitter Archive

So far, we’ve looked at techniques to find tweets that have been deleted by another user. But what if you want to look at tweets you’ve deleted?

Unlike in the past, you will not have to trawl the internet for answers this time. Even deleted tweets are kept in Twitter’s archive.

This information is restricted from public access by default, although each Twitter user can examine his or her own tweet archive.

  1. Begin by visiting, then click “More” to reach your archive download page.
  2. Click the gear icon, then Settings and Privacy to view these settings.
  3. This method can be used to access account preferences. From the right-hand panel, select the link “Download an archive of your data.”
  4. To authenticate your identification, a code sent to your email address will be utilized. You will then be able to access the Request archive link.
  5. The archive may take up to 24 hours to be sent by Twitter. After unzipping the file, your browser will display a typical Twitter window. Only a search bar with tweets sorted by posting date has been implemented.

Twipu Deleted Tweets

Twipu is a free website that allows you to search for and read deleted tweets from other users.

All you need to know to find someone on Twipu is their Twitter username. When you click “Next,” you’ll see the user’s deleted tweets.

Although this is one of the recommended methods for retrieving deleted tweets, you should be warned that the information obtained through such sites is not official, and the security precautions may be less robust than those of more well-known services.

Finding Someone’s Deleted Tweets Isn’t Always Easy

Unfortunately, Twitter has not made it easy to find past tweets.

While the Twitter Archive allows you to analyze your own tweet history, finding deleted tweets from another user is a far more difficult procedure.

If the tweets were from well-known persons, it’s probable that someone grabbed a screenshot and then posted it on Twitter.

 How to Search & Find Someone's Deleted Tweets

Google is your best friend when it comes to finding such situations.

If that doesn’t work, you’re in for some more difficult maneuvering.

Searching Google cached versions of a Twitter account might display new messages because the search engine usually keeps an earlier page for days.

If the tweet in question is from a while ago, the Wayback Machine is the place to look.


Apart from this, you can also sometimes find deleted tweets in the form of screenshots on Twitter and other platforms.

Sometimes a viral tweet can stay on even after the source user has deleted it.

This happens when a tweet has been retweeted several times, and some users then screenshot it or copy-paste it on their page instead of retweeting.

In such cases, even if the tweet is deleted from the source, although all the retweets are automatically deleted, the screenshots and copy-pasted tweets stay and can be easily viewed by other users.

This may, however, be a breach of the original user’s privacy, and the user can request the removal of all such tweets if they are potentially defaming or harmful to them.

But as they say, anything posted on the internet is never really gone, and there is always some way or the other to access data, even if it’s been apparently deleted.

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