How to Save TikTok Video Without Posting

How to Save TikTok Video Without Posting? 8 Useful Things

Learn how to acquire TikTok videos without sharing them here!

As of 2022, TikTok is used by over 800 million people per month, making it an ideal platform for marketers wanting worldwide visibility.

If you want to climb to the top of the TikTok popularity rankings and attract new subscribers, you’ll need a large fan base of interested viewers.

The best plan of action is to make videos that your TikTok viewers will like watching and want to see more of.

The ability of TikTok to make adjustments to films in progress is a notable feature. If you share your film publicly, however, any alterations will be permanently erased.

As a result, you may store photographs in your phone’s gallery until you’re ready to share or upload them.

With this option, you may watch your video one more time before uploading it online.

Is it Possible to Save a TikTok Video Without Posting it?

If you want to save a TikTok video for personal use alone, you might be wondering whether you can do so without uploading it.

The quick answer is that you may download a TikTok video without sharing it with your followers or friends.

How to Save TikTok Video Without Posting

A TikTok video can be stored in this manner, and it will still be published, but it will not be broadcast to your followers.

Steps to save a TikTok Video Without Posting it

Here’s what you need to do to prevent posting a video on TikTok:

  • Start TikTok as usual.
  • To create a new video, use the “+” button.
  • Save the movie after adding any filters, effects, music, and so on.
  • To alter who can watch your video, click to “Who can see my video?”
  • Go to the menu and select “Private.”
  • The video should be posted to TikTok.
  • If you’ve already submitted your video, proceed to the next phase.
  • Simply press the Share button.
  • Do not discard your captured film!

Clearly, it’s not difficult to keep a TikTok video to yourself without sharing it to your admirers.

To make material private, just add a visibility restriction to the usual TikTok publishing routine.

You’ll need to be able to manually save future TikTok videos that you want to remain private in your phone’s gallery.

How to save TikTok videos without posting without watermarks

In reality, there is no straightforward way to erase the watermark before saving a draft to your device.

There are, however, certain ‘obvious’ solutions that allow you to save or use a draft without watermarks, such as downloading the video from a different account utilizing downloader websites or recording the filmed video and then cutting away the watermarks.

If you’d like to learn more about this, please see the article link given below.

Does TikTok allow you to save drafts to the camera roll?

TikTok does not have a capability for saving drafts to the device gallery.

This poses a barrier for producers who wish to make a wide range of changes to the final product.

However, as previously demonstrated, there are alternative indirect but straightforward ways to download a draft to your device, such as submitting a draft as a private video for storage on your device.

Can you save a draft to the camera roll without posting it??

Yes, drafts may be edited in the TikTok editor in the same manner as normal recordings can before being uploaded.

To utilize the TikTok editor, go to your profile and click on the draft. A draft can never be saved to the camera roll.

You may either post it as a private video or record the preview on your screen if you want to work on it before sharing it publicly.

  • Methods for labeling a video in TikTok’s gallery as “draft.”
  • The instructions below will show you how to quickly download a video from your profile after it has been created but before it has been shared.

If you need help learning how to publish videos on the social networking site TikTok, check out this lesson.

Here are the steps you will take to do this.

  • To begin saving videos, launch the TikTok app from your phone’s app drawer.
  • Start working on a new video right now. Tap the Plus icon at the bottom of the app to start recording a new Tik tok video.
  • Press the red circle button to begin recording.
  • To go to the Post page, click “Next.”
  • Under “Who may access this video?” choose “Only Me” (see photo 1 below).
  • You may now upload your TikTok video after learning how to make it unlisted.
  • To access your personal videos, go to your profile and click the lock symbol.
  • Play the clip you just uploaded in private.
  • Select the three dots to open the options.

Check out these ways to confirm it for yourself. To see your posted videos, click your profile image in the upper right corner.

Visit your TikTok stream to double-check the outcome. Because the video is private, it will now display on your profile but not in your feed. Photograph 2 depicts the download option, which is available by clicking on the button.

Your profile name may be looked for on another private account.

This is also handy if you want to take a TikTok video and edit it on another video sharing site before submitting it back to TikTok.

This guide will show you how to make your TikTok videos longer if that’s something you want to do.

How to Save TikTok Video Without Posting

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Posting on Andriod

Read on if you have an Android device and want to know how to download a TikTok video.

TikTok is available on your Android smartphone.
Begin by searching for the required TikTok video.

  • In the lower right corner of your screen, beneath the “like” and “comment” icons, click the arrow symbol (share).
  • Simply click the “Save video” or “Download” icon. If you wish to save TikTok movies to
  • your camera roll, the app will need access to your gallery.
  • Simply click the “Done” button at the end.

The movie should now be visible in the gallery or camera roll of your Android smartphone.

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Posting on iPhone

Here’s how to save a TikTok video on your iOS device:

  • Start the TikTok app on your iPhone.
  • Find the TikTok video that you want to save.
  • Click the arrow icon (share) at the bottom right of your screen, just below the “like” and “comment” icons.
  • Select the download icon or “Save video.” To save video from TikTok to your camera roll, you must grant the app access to your gallery.
  • Finally, click “Done.”

Once the video has finished downloading, you may access it from your iPhone’s camera roll.

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Posting FAQs

Can I download TikTok video Without Posting?

Without a doubt, you may store movies from TikTok without sharing them.

Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Launch the TikTok app on your Apple or Google-powered mobile device.
  • Locate the TikTok video you wish to save to your smartphone.
  • On the right side of your screen, just below the “like” and “comment” buttons, you’ll see the “share” button (arrow icon).
  • The next step is to click the “Save video” or download icon. To store movies from TikTok
  • to your phone’s camera roll without sharing them, you must grant the app permission to view your phone’s gallery.
  • Finally, click “Done.”

How do I share a TikTok video without posting it?

There is presently no way to transmit a TikTok video to someone privately. TikTok videos can only be kept in draft mode and cannot be uploaded.

To accomplish this, simply follow my instructions:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your device.
  2. To create a new TikTok video, simply click the plus symbol (+).
  3. Choose a color and an effect that complements your video.
  4. Choose “Who can see my video” from the drop-down option.
  5. The “Private” setting should be chosen.
  6. Continue to upload your TikTok video.
  7. To download a video, go to your TikTok profile and click on the thumbnail of the video.
  8. Go to the sharing menu and pick save to save the file.
  9. Congratulations!!! What you witnessed has been documented.

How to download TikTok videos without watermark?

TikTok videos without watermarks may be downloaded. To avoid the TikTok watermark, utilize one of the numerous accessible TokTok downloading programs.

If you want to download TikTok videos for free, here are a few options:

  • TikMate
  • Snaptik

Can you save TikTok videos without posting?

A TikTok video may be downloaded without having to post it. As previously stated, the methods are practically the same for both Android and iOS users.

How to download TikTok videos from private account?

TikTok’s private videos may be downloaded.

You may simply achieve this by using a TikTok downloader. This enables you to reuse TikTok videos without jeopardizing their validity or deleting the watermark.

How to Save TikTok Video Without Posting

Here are several TikTok downloading programs to consider:

  • Snaptik
  • TikMate

It’s simple to download your favorite TikTok clip from a user’s personal account and watch it anytime you like. utilizing TikTok and the app’s dedicated download URL

How do I save TikTok to camera roll without posting?

To save a TikTok movie to your camera roll, simply follow these steps:

  • Launch the TikTok app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Try searching TikTok for the precise video you wish to save.
  • An arrow icon may be seen at the bottom right corner of your screen, below the love and remark buttons. To share, simply click on it.
  • After that, click the “Save video” or “download” option. If you wish to store a TikTok video to your phone’s camera roll without sharing it, you must grant the app access to your phone’s gallery.
  • When you’re done, click “Done.”

Can you save a TikTok without posting it?

A TikTok video may be downloaded without having to post it. The approach is practically the same for both Android and iOS users, as previously stated.

How to save a TikTok draft to camera roll without posting it?

To export a TikTok draft to your camera roll before sharing it, follow these steps:

  • Simply launch the TikTok app to begin using it.
  • By pressing the + symbol, you may create a new TikTok video.
  • Choose a video filter and an effect.
  • Go to the “Who can see my video?” section.
  • Select “Private” from the drop-down menu.
  • Continue by uploading your TikTok video.
  • Begin by going to your TikTok profile and selecting the clip you want to download.
  • Click the “Share” button to save your changes.
  • Phew!!! To put it another way, your movie was successfully saved.


To get the most out of your TikTok experience, you need know how to save videos without publishing them.

Following the steps outlined above, you will be able to download and save videos from TikTok without having to share them.

You may also use this procedure to download TikTok videos before uploading them.

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