How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat

How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat? 3 Complete Guides

Continue reading to learn how to play a video backwards on Snapchat.

Snapchat has a built-in filter that turns every video you capture upside down.

After recording a video, swipe left until you see the three-triangle icon, which represents the reverse filter.

You can reverse a video on Snapchat using an always-on filter.

To find the reverse filter, shoot your Snapchat video then swipe left until you see an icon that looks like three triangles.

How to reverse a video on Snapchat?

SnapChat automatically flips your video and allows you to share it with friends or publish it to your Story.

Snapchat videos may be easily filmed in reverse.

After a video has been captured, reverse filtering can be performed.

How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat

This filter is always available, whether online or offline, and it will reverse the playback of any recorded video.

To rewind a video in the Snapchat app, perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on the camera’s display and touch the shutter button in the middle to record a video.
  2. Once the video has been captured, swipe to access the inverse filter. Swiping left first will get you there faster. When you arrive, three left-pointing arrows will flash on the filter for a half second.
  3. Once you’re pleased with the video, you may share it with others, save it by pressing the down arrow, or apply more filters by clicking the three stacked squares icon on the right.

When to Apply the Reverse Filter on Video Snaps

It’s fun to show off a series of events in reverse utilizing your video footage. This effect works especially effectively in fast-paced scenarios.

Consider the simple act of dropping a stone into a frozen pond and seeing it split open. When you apply the reverse filter on the video, instead of witnessing the ice shatter at the end, you’ll see the fragments rejoin when you play the movie backward.

Reason Why ”The Reverse These Videos” are Popular on Instagram

If we’re going to talk about reversing videos, we need first discuss why they got so popular in the first place.

When an influencer gets astonished, they frequently push you to watch the video backwards to figure out what the big deal is.

The trick is that the influencer’s expressions persuade you that what you’re experiencing is really provocative and exciting, so you follow the procedures I’ve explained above.

You have contributed to the video’s rising popularity. Sharing a video in order to download it and later reverse it counts as an interaction in today’s social media algorithms, which consider more than just the number of times a video is seen.

Interactions are more important in pushing contemporary social media and developing the large user base that exists today. Engagement indicates that a user considers a creator’s work useful enough to suggest it to others.

Because of the rising importance of social media as a platform for advertising, there are certain methods that, if performed correctly, will ensure the success of a specific showreel or short film via the YouTube route.

If you come across a video directing you to reverse it, all you have to do is utilize Snapchat to accomplish it, and then create your own to become the online celebrity you’ve always wanted to be.

More useful ideas like these will be placed here shortly, so check back!

Why can I not reverse a video on Snapchat?

The only method to reverse a Snapchat video is to download it directly from Snapchat.

In other words, if you share a video from your phone’s camera roll, you won’t be able to reverse it on Snapchat.

Fortunately, you may avoid this by simply flipping the filter settings on your device.

If your phone isn’t compatible, there are lots of websites that will do it in a flash.

How do I access motion filters on Snapchat?

Snapchat also has a large selection of customized face stickers and masks.

Nonetheless, it allows you to add motion filters to your video recordings.

There are three in all. Motion filters can be applied after editing a movie, but facial filters cannot. You may use these filters in conjunction with the other location-based choices for editing your videos.

You may add a filter to your video as soon as you obtain it simply swiping left or right.

At any one moment, only one motion filter can be active. Stickers are optional, but may be added to your video whenever you like. It must be much better if there are more of them.

Snapchat’s motion filters include slow-mo, fast-forward, and reverse.

In contrast to the face filters, these motion filters are always available and always in the same location.

How to Add Reverse Effect to Existing Videos on Snapchat?

Do not neglect this topic any longer; you must understand how to flip a video on Snapchat. As you are all aware, creating a targeted Snapchat video is fairly simple.

A complete 180 degree turn involves minimal effort, similar to how easily one may film a movie.

Learn how to reverse a Snapchat video using the app’s free built-in feature.

Please limit your movies to less than 10 seconds in duration.

Step 1: Begin to record the video.

Navigate to the camera interface after starting Snapchat. To save a certain video clip for later viewing, press and hold a button in the center of the screen.

Step 2: Turn around the filter effect.

When you’re finished recording a video on Snapchat, swipe to the left to edit it. The easiest way to find the “back” button is to swipe. Many filters will show at your disposal after swiping. Do not exit the back screen.

Step 3: Share the altered video.

Reversing your video allows you to display it to your friends backwards. If you wish to apply further effects to the video, tap the icon with the symbol. You will be able to boost outcomes by doing so.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to editing a Snapchat video in a snap. The video will then play backwards, with several speeds available.

Best Apps to Create Reverse Video for Snapchat.

1. CapCut

CapCut is a mobile app available for iOS and Android smartphones that supplements the well-known social platform’s primary video editing functionality.

How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat

CapCut’s several beneficial features set it apart from other social media management platforms. Splitting, variable speed, and extremely specialized filters and effects are just a few examples.

The opposite function of the program is represented as a triangle within a circle and is known by that name. It is not difficult to put this to good use. However, this capability is only available for very short films.

You may reverse the action in slow motion after applying professional-grade effects to your video. This version is iOS and Android compatible.

You may find out more about using CapCut to edit videos by reading this article.

2. Wondershare FilmoraGo

Wondershare FilmoraGo is the best-recommended video-editing software because it makes gorgeous recordings fast and effortlessly utilizing a wide range of high-quality editing tools.

Wondershare FilmoraGo’s delightfully practical approach makes it simple for anybody to become a professional video editor.

Because it can play videos backwards, FilmoraGo is the finest video player app. This is only one of many possibilities for making more intriguing films.

FilmoraGo is the greatest video tool for creating and editing films for a variety of applications. Wondershare FilmoraGo has a plethora of handy features and capabilities.

Features like editing in 4K, working with GIFs, removing background noise, using a sophisticated text editor, and so on.

It is preferable to discuss it from the opposite side. It allows for high-quality reverse video editing.

Reverse will increase the attractiveness of your films by showcasing their increased features and shorter running lengths.

3. Reverse Movie FX – Magic

When it comes to editing Snapchat videos, special effects may make all the difference. Begin by making a short video. Then, select the film section and press the play button. The current video will be swapped by Video FX Switcher.

What distinguishes Reverse Movie FX- magic video is primarily: Nothing rivals the enchantment of Reverse Motion FX – Magic video when it comes to reversing a video.

This software has incredibly vivid and inventive animations. The UI and history are easily customizable. By pressing the fair button, you may flip the script on your video.

Download the Reverse Movie FX app, which is a reverse video editor, to your Android or iOS smartphone.

There are several reverse video adjustments available, including looping, audio addition, and picture reversal.

When Should You Apply the Reverse Filter to Video on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s ability to reverse videos resembles the technique to present a sequence of events backwards.

This type of cleaning works best with fascinating films. Consider dropping a shake onto a frozen pond, which causes a hole to appear in the ice.

Instead of witnessing the ice fracture and shatter in real time, you can use the turnaround effect to make it appear as if it is repairing itself while the video is playing backwards.

Videos of moving clouds, waterfalls, flaunting hair, striding up and down stairs, tinkering with accessories, cycling, skydiving, shattering glass, preparing meals backwards, or applying cosmetics backwards fast go viral on any social networking platform.

Tips for a good reverse video

Here are some ideas to help you with the Snapchat mirror image effect.

Use narration:

Using the turnaround effect will make it appear as though the video was reversed. Furthermore, if audio was taken separately, it is inverted in the video.

The result is dramatic on your already-inverted video clip. You should definitely speak while recording your video.

Take an unusual step:

Look no farther than your superior to travel back in time in style. Use the switch movement channel for things that generally don’t work. Sounds like running water, birds in the sky, or barking stray dogs in the distance.

Slow down that video:

These days, practically every smartphone’s camera software allows you to pause the recording process for a few seconds. Begin by shooting in slow motion and then playing it back in reverse motion.

Always utilize good illumination:

Snapchat’s camera is notoriously terrible. When producing a video, you should use excellent distinguishing lighting.

That’s all there is to it! Play with the opposite effect and use the package to create some fantastic science-defying images!

Recommended video editor for Snapchat – Filme

The greatest tool for editing Snapchat videos is a desktop computer. While an Android or iPhone can produce good results, executing the operation on a desktop computer has a number of advantages.

To begin with, there will be no change in the quality of your film and no difficulties. But then there’s the matter of how to edit on a desktop computer and which application is most suited for the job.

Incredible video editing program that allows you to customize your footage to perfection. Filme has features that are not available in any other video editor.

Features of iMyFone Filme:

1. Fast Video mode

Fast Film mode in Filme makes it simple to create a high-quality film for any occasion or celebration, such as an anniversary, birthday, special event, or graduation.

To create a beautiful slideshow for Snapchat, simply select the design that you feel goes best with the video theme and import your images.

How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat

2. Rich resources for stickers, transitionand filters, etc.

Filme lets you add stunning effects to your films, such as stickers and transitions. Changing things around will give your video a more colorful and new vibe.

3. Audio editing

Filme offers a plethora of audio editing possibilities in addition to its robust visual editing features. You may add several audio tracks on the timeline and alter them independently.

The sound’s volume, pan, and fading may all be modified to your preference.

Furthermore, Filme is an application that includes a few voice changers that allow you to instantaneously change your voice with a single mouse click.


The purpose of this essay was to attempt to describe how to construct a reverse video on Snapchat. Many of the best reverse video editors were also included.

In addition, we recommended iMyFone Filme as the best video editing software. It is better to its competitors because it is more fashionable.

It is strongly advised to hire a professional or qualified video editor to make a Snapchat video that goes viral.

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