How to Make a Public Profile On Snapchat in 2022

How to Make a Public Profile On Snapchat in 2022? 9 Guide

This guide will show you how to make a public Snapchat account.

Surprisingly, the Snapchat app has advanced quickly.

Although there are other ways to share content and reach more users, it remains a platform for chatting with friends and sending them messages, photos, videos, stories, and other content.

Snapchat users can use their public profile to interact with others and build an audience by creating interesting and relevant content.

This post will walk you through creating a public profile on Snapchat to help you make the most of it.

How to create a public profile on Snapchat

It is simple to set up a Snapchat account that is open to the public.

Simply follow these simple steps to make your Snap public:

  1. To share your story, select your Bitmoji or tap the corresponding icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Then, when you click the three-dot button, choose “Add to Spotlight” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. Tap the Create public profile option in the resulting pop-up.
  4. After clicking Get Started, follow the prompts to make your account public.

We anticipate that you will go immediately.

People can read your profile by going to the “Public Profiles” area.

The Stories and Spotlight sections are accessible via the “My Public Profile” option.

How to Make a Public Profile On Snapchat in 2022

What is a public profile on Snapchat?

Assume you’re an obsessive Snapchatter who wants to promote their material just on the Snapchat app.

The next step toward this aim is to create a public Snapchat account.

The Public Profile option allows authors to share their work with the world while also allowing readers to view it.

Images, anecdotes, and moving visuals are all included.

While talking with a friend on Snapchat is entertaining, the platform’s audience-building powers are actually astounding.

With a public Snapchat profile, you may display lenses, make highlights, and reach a larger audience.

Can anyone create a Public Profile on Snapchat?

Prior to the removal of these limitations, Snapchat only let verified artists to use Public Profiles.

This is no longer the case; anybody may create a Public Profile, albeit there are a few requirements to bear in mind (such as being above the age of 18 and having an account for more than 24 hours).

Creating a Snapchat Account Requirements
Creating your Public Profile requires only a few basic steps:

  • To participate, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • To use Snapchat, your account must be at least a few days old.

Who can make a public profile on Snapchat?

In most circumstances, anyone may create a public Snapchat account. However, there are certain limitations:

  • To participate, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Your account must be at least 24 hours old; accounts established on the same day will not be accepted.
  • At the absolute least, you require a friend who is also your buddy.
  • You can’t possibly disagree with Snapchat’s policies.

Even if you meet all of the other conditions, it’s conceivable that you don’t live in an area that enables public Snapchat profiles.

What are the advantages of using a public profile on Snapchat?

When you’ve done establishing your profile, you may begin adding new information.

To generate material that is closely related to your Public Profile, you must first understand its ultimate aim.

Access to the Lens Studio is unrestricted

You may bring your tale to life, meet new people in images, and produce a movie that no one else in your neighborhood has ever seen before by using cutting-edge 3D effects.

You can accomplish anything with your newfound talents!

Possibility of Appearing in the Spotlight

It is difficult to get a video into Spotlights.

However, now that you have a Public Profile, you may upload your own photographs and wait for them to appear.

You’ll need a lot of imagination to pull this off, but if you do, your profile will get the attention it deserves.

Best Snapchat Insights

You can see who is following you, where they are located, and what they are looking for if you have a public profile.

What other kind of accounts are they interested in? What can you provide to make their stay with you more enjoyable?

You’ll have a more full profile if you take the time to answer to each of these enquiries.

Requirements to Get a Snapchat Public Profile

Before you may start making your Snapchat profile public, you must first fulfill the following requirements.

  • The first and most important criterion for creating a public profile is that you be at least 18 years old.
  • Should have at least one day of Snapchat experience
  • You must have at least one buddy for whom you have given and received friend requests in both directions.
  • To make your Snapchat profile public, you must have at least one Snapchat friend.
  • You must, of course, adhere to the company’s Community Guidelines.

How to make a public profile on Snapchat

Creating a public profile is a simple procedure.

Launch Snapchat and navigate to the upper left, where you may tap the account symbol.

Go to the “Public Profile” section and select “Create Public Profile.”

Third, you’ll be sent to a page that lists public profiles. To begin, select Next (or swipe right) and then hit Get Started.

From the pop-up menu, choose Create.

The procedure for creating a public profile has been completed.

How to Make a Public Profile On Snapchat in 2022

How to edit or delete a public profile on Snapchat

After you’ve made your profile public, you may customize its design and contents by activating or removing aspects like the display of your subscriber account, location, and bio.

You may include stories on your profile and do a lot more with it. The procedure is as follows:

To begin using Snapchat, click the profile icon in the upper left corner.

Navigate to the “My Public Profile” section.

Third, in the top right, select the cog-like Settings symbol.

The Manage Public Profile page allows you to do the following:

  • Update your information here. By clicking the Edit Profile option, you can change your profile image, bio, and location. Slide the button to the right to make your subscription count visible to the public.
  • Keep a record of your readings on your profile. Anyone with access to your profile can view your saved Snaps. Select your Snaps and then hit the Save a Story button to make them visible to the entire public.
  • Tell me about yourself. To copy the Snapcode, tap Share Profile, then pick Share Profile URL from the selection that displays. The code may then be copied and pasted into other programs.
  • Remove all evidence of your internet existence. If you no longer want to utilize a public profile, just remove it. Select the option to Delete Public Profile. Your usual Snapchat experience will be unaffected.

Why Snapchat Accounts Are Not Eligible For A Public Profile

Any user should be able to make their profile publicly available.

If a user’s profile page lacks the option to “Create Public Profile,” that user’s account is most likely not yet enabled for this function.

Two probable factors include the account’s age and/or the absence of a prior relationship with another Snapchat user.

Before a Snapchat profile can be made public, it must be at least 24 hours old.

When it comes to friends, Snapchat requires you to have at least one friend who can send and receive snaps.

To put it another way, the account must have friended another user and then been friended back.

Because of other, more general laws, the Snapchat function of having a public profile may be inaccessible.

For example, the service is only available to persons who have achieved the age of majority in their country, and it is not yet available in all countries.

Furthermore, if an account is determined to be in violation of the Community Guidelines, it may lose its eligibility for a Snapchat Public Profile.

Making a Public Profile on Snapchat is as straightforward as creating any other Snapchat account when following these recommendations.

Tips To Build A Snapchat Public Profile

After you’ve established your Snapchat presence and created your Public Profile, the following step is to fill it with engaging snaps.

Even if a person does not presently have a Public Story, they can use their Public Profile to showcase their work.

Users may “pin” their favorite Stories for as long or as short a period as they choose on the ‘Profile Management’ page, under ‘Highlights.’ Lens Studio-created lenses can also be used.

Adding Saved Stories to a Public Profile is an excellent way to increase its content.

Any media saved on the device, whether it’s a brand-new Story, an existing Public Snap, or media from the device’s gallery, can be shared.

How to Make a Public Profile On Snapchat in 2022

Select “Profile Management,” then “Profile,” to see the user’s stored stories. To begin, click “New Story.”

Simply tap the “+” symbol to add a Snap, photo, or video from your archive to a Saved Story.

Choose the material to import from your saved or shared collection, then click the import option.

A Story may feature up to five minutes of content or one hundred Snaps, according to Snapchat.

The ‘Edit’ button in a Story’s upper-right corner allows you to delete or rearrange its material.

Users may now personalize the Saved Story by adding a cover photo and title before saving it to their Snapchat public profile by clicking the “Finish” button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can’t I create a public profile on Snapchat?

Before you can make your Snapchat profile public, you must first complete a few fundamental requirements.

You will not be allowed to establish a public Snapchat profile if you are under the age of 18, have used Snapchat for less than 24 hours, have less than one bi-directional friend (you follow each other), or do not follow the community standards.

Is Snapchat subscriber count visible to the public?

When you reach 100,000 followers, Snapchat makes your subscriber count public, although you can view it from the minute you make your profile public.

Your subscription count will be available on your public profile, but you will have the option to hide it.

Can someone see if I view their public profile on Snapchat?

To put it bluntly, no. If you go to their Snapchat profile and look at their username, subscriber count, lenses, or past Stories, they will not be notified.

You are free to browse their profile and read whatever you want without fear of being caught.


Despite the fact that Snapchat public profiles have been present for quite some time, their accessibility has improved through time.

Until late 2020, only celebrities and content creators could create their own Snapchat Public Profiles, but that changed that year.

Despite the fact that the qualifications for a Creator Account are far greater than those for a basic Public Profile, Snapchat offers the option.

Making your Snapchat public has benefits like as improved exposure and interaction.

If you were having problems figuring out how to make your Snapchat account public, we hope this guide was useful.

If you’re new to Snapchat, be sure to check out our guides on how to change your Snapchat handle and delete your Snapchat account.

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