How to Make a Group Chat on TikTok?

How to Make a Group Chat on TikTok? 5 Easy Ways

Every day, millions of videos, ranging from hilarious skits to brief explanations of current events, are uploaded to TikTok, making it the most popular social networking app.

TikTok, on the other hand, has just included a group chat option, so you no longer need to manually tag your friends and family if you want to share and discuss a video.

You and your loved ones may use this to join a group chat where you can view and discuss hilarious videos together.

What is a group chat on TikTok?

It’s simple to start a group chat on TikTok; all you need is a conversation with more than one person at the same time.

You may start a chat with a big number of friends on several social networking networks, including Tiktok.

How to Make a Group Chat on TikTok?

The group conversation may get hectic due to the large number of members.

The purpose of a group chat is, of course, to convey a message to a big number of individuals at once.

How To Make a Group Chat Through Your Inbox

To create a group chat utilizing the inbox, one must already be in touch with at least one mutual on TikTok. If that’s the case, here’s how to set up a group chat for your team.

Launch Your TikTok Application

The first step is to open the app and sign in. Launch the app to continue the procedure once you’ve already logged in.

Go to Your Inbox

The inbox may be reached via the bottom navigation bar, which is located next to the profile image. When you click, you will be sent to a website that displays your activity on top and your messages on the bottom.

Click on a Chat With a Mutual

Choose an existing chat with a TikTok mate by tapping on their name in the conversation list. Look for the options menu (three dots) in the top right corner when this dialogue box displays.

Tap on the Three Dots Icon at the Top Right

To exit a conversation, click the three dots in the upper right corner. When you click on a friend’s name, you’ll be led to a page where you may begin a group chat by clicking the plus symbol next to their profile image.

Click on “Create Group Chat”

When you click “Create Group Conversation,” you will be able to select from a list of people who are both your friends and followers.

Simply invite your friends by selecting the “create a group chat” button, and then you can all converse, check each other’s feeds, and send messages and videos to each other.

How to Make a Group Chat on TikTok?

How To Create a Group Chat on TikTok Through the Share Option

This is a quicker and easier way to set up a group chat. All you need to get started with this method is your TikTok live video and a list of persons you want to join a group chat. So, without further ado, let’s go over the method.

Launch Your TikTok Application

As always, everything is dependent on you activating the app. If you have previously logged out of TikTok, you must log back in before proceeding.

Find a Video You Want To Share With Your Mutuals

Look through your feed for the best video to share with the people you’ve invited to the group chat. TikTok makes it simple to find films that everyone would appreciate, whether they are looking for something funny or musical.

Share With a List of Friends

When you press the share button, a list of your contacts appears, from which you may select as many as you wish to add in your group.

Click on Create Group Chat

When you’ve identified a few people with whom you have interests, a window should emerge inviting you to begin a group chat with them. When you’re finished, choose the command and hit the submit button to send the video.

The video will be shown in your freshly made group chat with your friends.

How to launch a group chat through the share button

Sharing an entertaining video is another typical technique to start a topic in a TikTok community chat.

You may use the share button to start a group chat on TikTok by following these steps:

  • TikTok should be enabled.
  • Simply keep browsing until you find a video you wish to share.
  • Use the share button located on the right side of the screen.
  • Choose a few close friends who you believe will like it.

That’s all there is to it! TikTok is where you and your group chat members first started chatting. Everyone may start commenting about the video as soon as you submit it to the group chat.

You are able to pick as many companions as you like (the limit is not given by TikTok).

When sharing material, you may only be allowed to select one companion at a time. If this describes you, go to the end.

Why can’t I make a TikTok group chat?

Several reasons prohibit you from initiating a TikTok group discussion.

TikTok released a group chat capability that was easily available to all of its members in 2021.

Some users can no longer utilize Tiktok’s group chat function.

Despite the fact that TikTok has not said why this feature was removed, it is probable that it will be restored for all users soon.

If you choose one of the two approaches indicated above, the capability may still be available for your account.

How to Make a Group Chat on TikTok?

If you attempted those ways and were still unable to set up a group chat, it’s because that feature is disabled for your account.

If you want to use the function as soon as it becomes accessible again, you must keep your TikTok app up to date.


If you’ve done these steps and nothing has worked, it indicates you don’t have access to this function.

We know it’s still under development, so even if you can use it today, your friends may not have access to the capability. In any case, have fun speaking with your friends!

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