How to Hide Followers on Instagram

How to Hide Followers on Instagram? 8 Quick Ways

This article will show you how to hide your Instagram followers.

You’ve been an Instagram user for a long time, perhaps months or even years.

Instagram and other social networking platforms are great for meeting new people, but they frequently threaten users’ privacy.

On practically every social network, you may follow someone or be followed by someone else.

On the “followers” page, Instagram displays a list of people who are following you.

Here’s a list of everyone you’re presently following on Instagram.

Because Instagram’s settings are open by default, anybody can see who you follow and who follows you.

This guide will explain whether and how you may conceal your Instagram followers.

How to hide followers on Instagram?

Now, let’s look at how to hide your Instagram followers.

In a variety of methods, Instagram users may secure their identity and avoid unsolicited follower alerts.

  • Set your Facebook profile to private.
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  • Individuals should be severed.

How to Hide Followers on Instagram

Turn your Instagram profile private

Making your Instagram profile private is the most straightforward approach to conceal your following count.

When you make your Instagram profile private, just the following people may see your content:

  • Input your username here and the photo you selected for your profile.
  • How to Write an Effective Instagram Bio
  • The quantity of individuals who follow you and your material is important.

To turn your Instagram profile private, follow these steps:

  • Launch Instagram.
  • Go to your account page.
  • Navigate to the account settings page.
  • After you’ve enabled the privacy options, choose “Private account.”

This is as simple as it gets. Regardless of our selections, the Instagram support website promises us that our current followers will not be lost.

Because you must allow all new followers, you have total control over who can view your post and who follows you.

Keep in mind that this strategy will only conceal your follower count from those who aren’t currently following you.

Block people to hide followers on Instagram

The second way is to simply ban people so that they can no longer access your profile or the profiles of your followers.

Although this strategy is fairly successful, it does need blocking each individual, which may take some time.

If you wish to block someone on Instagram, follow these steps:

  • Launch Instagram.
  • To block someone, go to their profile first.
  • To explore further customization choices, click the “More” icon (three vertical dots) in the
  • top right corner of your browser.
  • Tap to choose block.

That’s the end of it. This person has been added to your block list.

This person will no longer be able to locate your profile using a basic search.

In a serious manner.

Delete people to hide followers on Instagram

The third and final strategy is quite similar to the second.

In this scenario, though, instead of banning the offender, you will just unfollow them.

If you have your account set to private, this person will not be able to see your followers until you accept them back.

Even if you delete someone, they can still locate you by searching for your username.

To unfollow someone on Instagram, follow these steps:

  • Launch Instagram.
  • Go to your account page.
  • Look at who is following you.
  • Simply find the user’s username and hit “Remove” to the right of it.

The “Remove” approach, like the blocking method, requires that each individual be dealt with separately. It is possible, for example, to bulk delete users.

This is another potentially time-consuming phase.

Remember that if your Instagram profile is not set to private, the individuals you unfollow will still be able to see your list of followers.

Why hide followers on Instagram?

Many Instagram users prefer to hide their follower counts for a variety of reasons.

Some of the most common are as follows:

  • Your profile’s privacy may always be upgraded.
  • It’s not a good idea to disclose your follower list.
  • Is keeping your profile secret important to you?

Because Instagram was not designed with privacy in mind from the start, hiding followers is a bit of a nuisance.

Can you hide your followers on Instagram?

Yes, you can hide your followers on Instagram.

But you can’t hide your fandom from them.

In fact, there is no way to keep a friend from seeing who you follow on Instagram.

It is only feasible to prevent a friend from seeing your Instagram followers by banning and unfollowing them.

This is highly limiting and cannot be changed.

Can people see who am I following on Instagram?

Yes and no can both be correct.

There are two possibilities:

  • Instagram has made your profile publicly accessible.
  • Your profile is hidden from the Instagram community.

Public Instagram profile

With the exception of individuals you have blocked, your Instagram followers will be accessible to anybody who views your public profile.

By default, everyone on Instagram may see everything you post. …save for your direct communications, of course.

Private Instagram profile

If your profile is set to private, no one can see who you are following except your followers.

Having a private profile prevents non-followers from accessing your content and information.

This is important if you do not want possible stalkers to look at your profile.

Your current followers, on the other hand, will be able to see your follower numbers and activity.

Is my following list public on Instagram?

It depends on your Instagram profile settings.

If your Instagram profile is set to public, everyone who searches for your username will see who you follow and who follows you.

No, if you make your Instagram profile private, only your current followers will be able to see your follower list and who you’re following.

How to hide followers on Instagram using a business account?

No matter whatever account you use, you cannot hide your Instagram followers or who you follow.

Even if the account is set up as a business profile, anybody may view the number of followers.

How to hide followers on Instagram using a private account?

Many individuals don’t understand why it’s so important to protect your online privacy. Unless you are a well-known public person, your profile should be kept private.

Images and information shared on the internet are frequently hijacked and utilized in unexpected ways.

You should use a private account if you want to keep your photographs and posts hidden from the public sight. If you utilize a public profile, however, this information will be exposed to the entire public.

Others can see your follower count and the individuals you follow, but they cannot see who you follow. They only see a faceless number.

Everyone except those you’ve authorized to see your followers can’t see them. When you have a public account, though, everyone can see who you follow and who follows you.

Social media firms do not want their user counts to be disguised in order to retain their validity. The number of a user’s fan base determines the popularity of their social networking app.

How to Hide Followers on Instagram

The desire to gain a high number of followers is what attracts and keeps people on social networking networks.

The program makes it difficult to hide your Instagram followers.

Instagram has been experimenting with a feature that hides “likes” in order to protect its users’ privacy. This update has not yet been applied in all places.

We can’t rule out the potential that Instagram may offer the ability to hide followers in the future, although it appears unlikely for the time being.

However, there are actions you can do to control how visible your profile is and what information people see when they click on it.

There are 3 things you can do to limit visibility on your Instagram account :

  1. Switching the phone to quiet mode
  2. Account deactivation / user deletion
  3. Put a user’s access on hold.

Let us now look at each of them separately.

Hide followers on Instagram by switching to private mode

Those you follow on Instagram will not be accessible until you make your profile private.

While you can’t hide your overall number of followers, you can stay anonymous to people who follow you back and don’t want to be detected.

How to switch to private mode on Intagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Click on your own profile then click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Tap Privacy Settings and Account Privacy
  5. Click on Private Account

If you make your Instagram private, everyone who wants to follow you will need to request permission.

Following that, you’ll be asked if you want to provide that person access to your profile.

The next step is to either disable or fully eliminate the user’s access. Let’s go over the many options you have.

How to block followers on Instagram?

Blocking undesirable visitors is your best hope for preventing them from viewing your profile.

While it may appear to be overkill, blocking is the only way to keep some Instagram followers concealed from specific people.

Here are the steps you may take to hide your Instagram followers:

  1. Go to their profile and click the “Block” option to block them.
  2. To contact someone, simply click the three-dot button at the top of their profile.
  3. Choose Ignore.
  4. If you’re certain, simply select “Yes, I’m Sure.”

How to remove followers on Instagram?

If you are unsure about blocking someone, you can always remove them.

When you delete a follower, they are not notified that they are no longer following you. When they visit your profile, they will see that they are no longer following you and will want your permission to do so again.

While you can’t fully hide your Instagram followers, you can make sure that just the total number of followers is visible to the public and not the identities of the people who have decided to follow you.

Follow the steps below to remove followers from Instagram :

  1. Use Instagram
  2. Click here to access your profile.
  3. At the top of the page, click the Followers tab.
  4. You may unfollow people by searching for them or going through the list and clicking “Remove” on each one.

You have neither hidden your Instagram followers, nor have you limited the number of people that may follow you.

Even though the people you’ve banned can still find your profile, they’ll have to request access again before they can see your full data.

How to restrict accounts on Instagram?

When you limit someone’s access to your profile, you limit what that person can view without completely removing them.

You may conceal your activity from the restricted user to prevent them from seeing when you’re online or reading your Instagram stories, for example.

You can’t tell an Instagram user if you’re currently online or if you’ve read their message.

Follow the steps below to restrict a user on Instagram:

  1. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Choose the profile photo button.
  3. Under the Settings menu, go to the Privacy tab.
  4. Simply click on them to create links.
  5. Select the Restricted Accounts option.
  6. Choose the individual you wish to limit and then click “Restrict.”

You can remove these limits at any time by performing the processes outlined above.

Why can I no longer search a friend’s followers on Instagram?

You couldn’t hide a friend’s follower count from you. If you are no longer friends with someone whose account has been changed to private, you will no longer be able to access their list of followers.

You will no longer be able to find a friend’s profile or, by extension, their followers if they have blocked you.

How to hide following lists on Instagram from followers?

Instagram features a hidden option where you may hide who you follow. No one will be able to see your following lists if you make your profile private.

The amount of lists they follow, however, is still accessible to them.

How can I hide my activity from followers on Instagram?

Because Instagram is so visible, many users choose to keep their activities private.

For example, not everyone is comfortable with others knowing when they last checked into Instagram.

Let’s look at various strategies for concealing your Instagram activities.

How to hide activity status on Instagram?

If you wish to keep your Instagram activity private, take the following steps:

  1. Start a profile view.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner to expand the menu.
  3. By clicking here, you can access the Options Menu.
  4. To disable, choose “activity status” and slide to the left.

As a consequence, no one in public will be able to know you’re surreptitiously browsing Instagram.

Can I stop seeing someone on Instagram without unfollowing?

Instagram has a new feature that allows you to hide a user’s posts without unfollowing or banning them.

The remedy is to turn off the person’s microphone.

If you mute a person, you will no longer see updates to their status in your feed.

However, you can still view their profile and read their updates.

If you decide you want to view what they’ve been posting, all you have to do is unmute them.

Best of all, the person you muted will be completely unaware that they have been silenced.

How to Hide Followers on Instagram

How to mute someone on Instagram?

  1. Select a person’s name to view their profile.
  2. Please press the red triangle at the top of the screen to continue.
  3. Mute the microphone by pressing the mute button.
  4. The storyline, the posts, or both can be muted. Make your selection below.


How to hide who I am following on Instagram?

Your Instagram following list is public information. If you change your profile to private, only you will be able to see how many people you are following; others will not be able to see your follower list.

Can I hide activity status on Instagram?

The actions outlined above are the right approach to keep your Instagram activity private. The ‘last active status’ of its users will soon be removed from the direct messaging service.

Can celebrities hide who they follow on Instagram?

I’m afraid not; everyone must follow the regulations. Even if you are famous or prominent, who you follow on Instagram may be easily discovered.

Can verified Instagram accounts hide who they follow?

No, even a verified Instagram account cannot conceal its followers.

The only method for anybody to reduce their exposure to potentially hazardous information while simultaneously boosting their capacity to regulate their own online privacy is to follow the aforementioned measures.

Can non-followers see my instagram story?

Non-followers will be unable to view your Instagram posts or stories until you make your profile public. By keeping your account private, you may limit who can see your tale.


We have offered a solution to your Instagram follower concealing problem.

Keep in mind that you should be cautious about who you allow to follow your account and that you should always keep your account private.

Keep in mind that anybody may grab a screenshot of your Instagram posts or stories at any moment. Never give out your phone number or any other personal information on a social networking site.

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