How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

How to Delete Messages on Pinterest? 4 Easy Ways & Tips

This post will show you how to erase Pinterest pins and comments.

You’ve been using Pinterest’s direct messaging service and accidentally sent something or just want to delete it.

It’s likely that you messaged the wrong person on Pinterest, or that you now greatly regret sending them this message.

Pinterest is simply another social networking platform where deleting old messages makes sense; here’s how.

Why delete messages on Pinterest?

Message removals on Pinterest might be triggered by a variety of circumstances.

It may be really unpleasant to convey the wrong message to the wrong person. As a result, the option to delete transmitted messages is now required for every social networking site.

How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

If you don’t want someone to read your message, you may always delete it or block them.

This will remove your discussion, leaving it illegible.

How to Delete Messages Using The Older Version of Pinterest

Previously, users could delete a single message or an entire chat thread.

How to Delete a Message on Pinterest

Here are the fundamental methods for removing a message from your inbox:

  • The Pinterest app should be launched immediately.
  • Find the symbol that appears to be a message. It’s at the very end of the program’s interface.
  • To access the chat function, click the symbol.
  • Press and hold a message for a few seconds to make it the active selection.
  • A delete button in the shape of a trash can will appear.
  • Select the trash symbol to permanently delete the message.

How to Delete a Conversation Thread on Pinterest

Previously, removing a single message may result in the destruction of the whole thread of talks.

While the procedure is similar on both the iPhone and Android, there are some minor changes.

Delete a Conversation Thread Using an iPhone or an iPad

The following are detailed instructions for doing this procedure:

  • Launch the Pinterest app on your iOS device to begin using it.
  • To access it, tap the message symbol.
  • Tap a message and keep the button down for a few seconds to choose it.
  • Simply pick “More” from the resulting drop-down menu.
  • Click the Delete all option to delete the whole thread of conversation.

Delete a Thread of Conversation on An Android

Thread deletion on an Android smartphone differs somewhat from that on an iOS device. This is due to the fact that, unlike the iPhone, Android does not include a Delete All option.

This action is performed on an Android device as follows:

  • An Android smartphone may be used to create a Pinterest account.
  • To access the messaging interface, click the Message icon.
  • Tap on the undesirable message in the thread to select it.
  • Please pause for a few moments before reading the message.
  • Various communications alternatives will be made available.
  • Choose the final vestige of the thread you want to remove.
  • Once you’ve marked all of the messages you wish to remove from the thread, hit the trash can symbol to delete them.

How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

How to hide a Pinterest message?

You’re probably aware that, unlike ordinary communications on Pinterest, pins cannot be erased. The only feasible method here is to use the “Hide conversations” option to temporarily erase selected chat threads.

Hide Private Messages On Pinterest Web

Here’s how to use the internet interface to keep your Pinterest private messages safe from inquisitive eyes:

(Please keep in mind that Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge are all strongly suggested as default browsers for utilizing Pinterest on the web without any compatibility issues.)

Step 1: navigate to on your browser to see the Pinterest homepage.

Step 2: input your Pinterest Web login information.

Step 3: choose the Inbox by clicking the “Speech Bubble” symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 4: a little X button will emerge when you are lingering over a discussion. If you click it, the conversation in that chat box will be erased.

Hide Private Messages On Pinterest App

Here’s how to hide your Pinterest app’s Private Messages:

(Please keep in mind that the following procedure is applicable to both Android and iOS devices.)

Step 1: launch the Pinterest app on your device, then tap the voice bubble icon at the bottom of the app.

Step 2: navigate to the Messages menu and choose the discussion you wish to remove.

Step 3: by tapping on the horizontal three-dot icon, select “Hide chats” from the ellipsis’s drop-down menu. If you do this, no one will be able to see the conversations on that chat thread.

Furthermore, if the other user adds a new text message or pin to the thread, all hidden messages will be revealed.

This issue may be resolved by banning the offending user or reporting the entire discussion to Pinterest’s support team.

Many Pinterest users may be disappointed that the Private Messaging tool lacks a Delete option.

However, if you follow the steps outlined above, you should be able to erase any undesirable or obscene text messages from your Pinterest chat thread.

Hide Pinterest Messages Using a Personal Computer

Do you own a computer and wish you knew how to hide Pinterest pins? The following processes should help you get started:

How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

  • To access your Pinterest account, use a web browser.
  • A little message icon will appear in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • To access your inbox, click the symbol and then choose it from the resulting menu.
  • Place your cursor over the conversation you want to delete in the opened chat. Simply move the mouse while holding down the mouse button in the conversation box.
  • When you move your cursor over a chat that you wish to delete, a delete button (an “X”) appears.
  • Select the correct icon to dismiss the alert.

Hide Pinterest Messages Using a Mobile Device

If you use Pinterest on a mobile device, you can erase certain messages from your account by following these steps:

  • Pinterest, a smartphone app, should be launched immediately soon.
  • In the “Update” menu, select the “Messages” option.
  • Contact the individual whose discussion you wish to keep private and open it on your screen.
  • Tap the three dots (•••) in the top right corner of the screen to access the menu.
  • A pull-down menu will display with three options. Select the “Hide Conversation” option from the menu.

How to Hide a Pinterest Thread of Conversation From Your Inbox

You can keep a whole conversation thread out of your inbox if you follow the procedures below.

  • Access to a Pinterest account is required.
  • Tap the Notifications button at the very bottom of your screen.
  • To view your inbox, go to the top of the page and click the “Inbox” option.
  • Tap on the chat you wish to obscure to choose it.
  • Then, from the menu that displays, click the gear symbol and select Settings.
  • Select “Hide thread” from the drop-down menu.

How To Hide Pinterest Messages From a Particular Person

If a certain user’s messages make you uncomfortable, you can opt out of receiving their correspondence.

You have an option between two ways in this scenario.

The first option is to inform Pinterest’s administrators about a troublesome user. The alternative is complete user isolation.

Reporting a User

If you discover that a user’s messages to you violate Pinterest’s Acceptable Use Policy, you may report that user to Pinterest’s administrators.

Pinterest administrators will investigate the alleged user’s account. If they validate your claim, your account may be frozen. To file a user report, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Pinterest app on your mobile device.
  • In the “Update” menu, select the “Messages” option.
  • To report someone, open their chat box and click the “Report” button.
  • Tap the three dots (•••) in the top right corner of the screen to access the menu.
  • A pull-down menu will display with three options. Choose “Report This Conversation” from the list of alternatives.

Blocking a User

By banning a user, you can prohibit that individual from communicating with your account in the future.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Start the Pinterest program.
  • In the “Update” menu, select the “Messages” option.
  • Navigate to the user’s chat window and press the “Block” button.
  • Tap the three dots (•••) in the top right corner of the screen to access the menu.
  • Select “Block User” from the drop-down menu of three options.

How to delete a message on Pinterest?

Unfortunately, once a pin has been posted, it cannot be deleted.

Pinterest deleted the delete option entirely in a recent update.

As of now, the only way to hide messages is to archive the entire thread.

The instructions below will walk you through the process of permanently deleting messages from an older version of the Pinterest app.

  1. Simply click to access Pinterest.
  2. Click on the thread containing the message you want to delete.
  3. Don’t allow the message slip through your fingers in the following few seconds.
  4. Simply press the “Delete” key.

How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

Since the upgrade, the great majority of individuals are no longer able to use this step-by-step tutorial.

Do messages disappear on Pinterest?

Pinterest messages do not vanish; rather, they can be concealed.

Hold down on the chat you wish to hide, then pick the Hide Conversation option.

If the other person responds to your message, it will resurface.

Deleting my account will delete Pinterest messages?

In any case, no, I’m afraid.

You will no longer be able to access your messages in your inbox if you delete your Pinterest account, but the receipt will stay intact.

How to Delete Messages on Pinterest FAQs

Can people I block still be able to see my messages?

Those you block will no longer get any contacts from you. After that, they will be unable to access your message, follow your boards, comment on your Pins, or like your Pins.

The individual will, however, be able to access any conversations you sent to them before blocking them.

When I delete my account, can my messages be deleted too?

Your chat history will be preserved if you delete your account, but you will no longer be able to read any of the messages you sent or received.

How do you unhide messages on Pinterest on Iphone?

The Pinterest app includes a hidden menu that exposes a hidden option to disclose previously hidden messages. Launch the Pinterest app, then choose the menu option indicated by three horizontal lines in the top left corner. Then, from the menu that appears, pick “Privacy & Security,” and lastly, from the list that appears, select “Messages.”

How do I delete my history on Pinterest?

Launch the Pinterest app, and then choose the three vertical dots in the upper left corner of the main screen to clear your history. From the “History” menu, select “Remove from History.”

What happens if you block someone on Pinterest?

One method for preventing someone from seeing your Pinterest pins is to prevent them from reading your profile. When you block someone on Pinterest, they can’t read your profile, comment on your pins, or follow you.

How do you delete a sent Pin on Pinterest?

To reverse a submitted Pinterest Pin, follow these steps: 1. The ” Boards ” tab appears at the top of your Pinterest profile.

To examine the pin you gave, go to the ” Pins ” link at the bottom of the appropriate board’s page.

Simply scroll to the pin and click the associated button to remove it.

From the ” Details ” area on the right side of the screen, select ” Delete “.

Do messages disappear on Pinterest?

Pinterest messages do indeed go away after a while.

Are messages on Pinterest private?

Messages on Pinterest are 100% private.

What does it look like when someone blocks you on Pinterest?

Other Pinterest users might prevent you from accessing their pins and boards by blocking you. They might even make it difficult for you to find them.


You don’t have to keep seeing messages that are no longer relevant to you. Or, deal with an annoying Pinterest user when you can block or report him or her, as well as hide messages you do not wish to see.

Following this guide, you should be able to delete messages on Pinterest.

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