How to Avoid Scams on WhatsApp ?

How to Avoid Scams on WhatsApp ?

5 Ways Avoid Scams on WhatsApp – As technology develops, forms of scams that used to only appear via SMS and telephone have now changed and have penetrated Scams on WhatsApp. Scams on WhatsApp is usually in the form of phishing, that is, scams that is carried out by tapping or clicking on a link. Usually many people are not aware of being deceived by phishing because they carelessly click on links or links that have no clear source.

How to avoid scams on whatsup
How to avoid scams on whatsup

This phishing technique usually carries a risk of account hijacking to misuse of personal data. Here’s how to avoid scams on WhatsUp:

  • Two-Step Verification

One of the steps to avoid scams on WhatsUp is to use the two-step verification feature. This feature works by registering a six-digit PIN to enter a WhatsApp account or can also choose the option to enter an email address.

WhatsApp will periodically ask the user to enter a PIN. If you forget how many PIN codes you created, WhatsApp will send a notification to the user’s email to reset the PIN. For the record, avoid sharing your six-digit PIN with anyone.

It’s important to remember, don’t click on any links if the user receives an email asking to reset the two-step verification PIN or registration code when the user doesn’t ask for it.

This can be a sign that someone is trying to access the user’s WhatsApp phone number. How to activate this feature is quite easy, open the ‘Settings’ menu then select the ‘Account’ option then select the ‘Two-Step Verification’ option, follow the next instructions.

  • Limit Users Who Can View Profile

The next way to avoid scams on WhatsUp is to limit who can see user profiles. WhatsApp provides the choice of who can view the profile in question. To set other users who can see your contacts, tap the ‘Settings’ menu > Account > Privacy > select the ‘My Contacts’ option in the ‘Last Seen, Profile Photo, Info and Status’ menu.

  • Block and Report Unknown Messages

If you get a message from an unknown number with suspicious message content, especially providing a link to visit, you don’t need to reply or open it. Immediately report and block the number. Messages containing links or hoax news from unknown numbers are phishing that can take over the user’s personal data and WhatsApp account.

How to report and block the number is quite easy, tap ‘Contact Name or User Number’ then select the ‘Block Contact’ option then select the ‘Report Spam and Block’ option.

  • Log Out WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web is often used because of its practicality. But do not occasionally open this feature through an open public network or public wifi that is vulnerable to being hacked. As much as possible avoid using public wifi to open WhatsApp web, and always remember to log out of your account after you are done using it. This is one of the easy steps to avoid scams on WhatsUp.

  • Pay attention to the style of language and message writing

Scamers occasionally greet users by posing as known people or pretending to be friends. You can also greet users by giving surprises to win lotteries and other absurd things.

If you pretend to be someone you know and ask for help in the form of money, first pay attention to the language style used by the perpetrator. In addition, fraudsters also often use strange and unusual spelling or grammar.

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