How Long The Hourglass Lasts on Snapchat?

How Long The Hourglass Lasts on Snapchat? 7 Useful Things

This section will tell you how long the Snapchat hourglass will count down.

If you’re a regular Snapchat user, you’ve probably noticed odd icons appearing in your chats from time to time (or not).

Snapchat is excellent at displaying icons, but it fails to define them. One of the possible icons is a sand timer.

This article will explain what the Snap hourglass icon means and how long it lasts.

What Is A Snapstreak?

A “snapstreak” is defined by Snapchat as a string of consecutive snaps between two users. To let you know, a question mark emoji will appear next to your friend’s name.

If you and a friend have exchanged snaps for three days in a row, both of your names will have a question mark (?) next to them. Clearly, you’re on a snapstreak!

How Long The Hourglass Lasts on Snapchat

In time, a number, such as 12?, will appear next to the question mark icon. By the way, that’s a 12-day snapstreak!

For the streak to continue, the snaps must be exchanged within 24 hours.

Also, keep in mind that we’ll be discussing whether or not this 24-hour period is precise, or if Snapchat provides a small buffer before the streak ends.

What does the hourglass icon mean on Snapchat?

The hourglass symbol, like a clock, can be used to keep track of how much time is left.

This symbol was added by Snapchat to alert users when their current Snapstreak with a friend is about to expire and they need to take action to keep the streak going.

If you see the hourglass icon instead of the lit/fire icon, which indicates that you are on your Snapstreak, you know you need to work harder on Snapchat.

It’s important to remember that a Snapstreak is determined by the number of snaps sent, not the amount of time spent texting.

Just before your Snapstreaks expire, you’ll notice the icon next to your profile and the contact you’ve been trading Snaps with.

How long does the Hourglass last on Snapchat? 

The hourglass icon is bad news if you don’t want your Snapstreak with another user to end.

There has been some debate over how long the icon is visible, and thus how long you have to keep a Snapstreak alive.

Depending on which Reddit thread you read, the duration of your streak could be anywhere between two and three hours for the Hourglass icon or four to seven hours for the Circle icon.

How Long The Hourglass Lasts on Snapchat

The hourglass icon’s timeliness and duration are both somewhat ambiguous.

The fact that no two Snapstreaks are alike suggests that the timeframe and aesthetic of the hourglass icon are also arbitrary.

If your Snapstreak has been going for months, Snapchat may provide you with a longer window via the hourglass than if it has only been going for a few days.

The length of your Snapstreak determines how long you have to take advantage of the situation.

Can both users see the Snapchat streak hourglass?

When a Snapchat streak is about to expire, both users will see the hourglass icon appear.

Sometimes, however, it only takes one person to remove the sand from the hourglass.

True, a Snap from one user to the other is required to remove the timer.

If you’re only receiving Snaps and not returning any, the hourglass icon will appear on your screen, and your streak will end much faster than usual.

How To Get Rid Of Snapchat’s Horrible Hourglass?

We can only speculate on the hourglass’s longevity because no official statement has been made about it.

Snapchat recommends exchanging at least one snap per day with the people on either end of a streak.

The sand in the hourglass will run out after 24 hours. These methods may assist you in forgetting Snapchat’s dwindling hourglass.

Rather Than Sending Chat Messages, Send A Snap

By sending a Snap instead of a text message, you can easily avoid the Snapchat streak timer.

As a result, you can keep your wit while nudging the recipient into an instant response.

If you need to send a quick message, remember to snap at the person in question rather than texting them.

Send a Morning Greeting

To show that you care, send a “Good Morning” picture to your friends first thing in the morning.

This is a quick and simple solution to Snapchat’s time limit. Sending Snaps to someone to wish them a good morning should become a habit.

How Long The Hourglass Lasts on Snapchat

Then you can concentrate on keeping your streak going without fear of losing ground. Begin your day with a selfie and a text message.

As previously stated, hiding the Snapchat streak timer is simple.

Create A Snapstreak Shortcut For Your Friends

This is your best bet for efficiency and effectiveness. We believe it is critical to maintain the streak by sending a snap, but this can take some time if you have a large number of friends.

As a result, we avoid sending SNAPs to the friends with whom we have the least contact. Using Snapchat Shortcuts, you can avoid forgetting to include someone in a streak.

If you save the ShortCut to your phone’s home screen, you’ll be more likely to use it frequently.

The Shortcut feature will incentivize those of us who are notoriously slow to act to trade Snaps.

Snap For The Sake Of Snap

Take a blank or blacked-out shot if the length of your Snap streak is more important than the content of the Snap you’re sending.

It’s best if the recipient is aware of your plans ahead of time so they aren’t caught off guard.

Notify The Other Party

A Snapstreak requires two users to exchange snaps with each other, so make sure the user you’re trading with knows you’re serious about keeping your streak going.

If the user isn’t as dedicated to keeping the streak going as you are, the streak will end if you don’t receive a snap from them.

What to do if the Hourglass icon appears despite maintaining a Snapstreak?

There have been isolated incidents in which a user’s Snapstreak was legitimately maintained, only for the hourglass icon to appear, followed by the lit/fire icon to disappear.

It is strongly advised that you report this problem to Snapchat’s support team.

The Snapchat help desk will resolve your issue and reposition your Snapstreak icon next to your profile.

Everything else you needed to know about Snapchat’s hourglass icon is now available.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below. Take precautions and keep yourself safe!

Creating a Snap Streak Shortcut

Choosing each of your friends one by one to send a streak to is a time-consuming process.

Did you know that you can instantly share your Snapchat streak with all of your friends with a single tap?

Yes! You can now create Snapchat streak shortcuts to use when messaging your closest friends.

How Long The Hourglass Lasts on Snapchat

Take a Photo of a Snap Streak To Send

To keep your Snapchat streak going, take a photo and send it to yourself. Go ahead and press the “Send” button in the lower right corner.

Look for Shortcuts

Then, in the upper right corner, you’ll see shortcuts to the available options. When you select it, a list of useful shortcuts will appear.

Then, click the fire icon. Choose all of your Snapchat friends to share your streak with.

Save the Shortcut Configurations

Click Save to keep the shortcut’s current settings. Simply repeat the above steps whenever you want to make a change.

Use The Shortcut

Return to the icon after adding the Snapchat streak shortcut. Now, check the box in the upper right corner to select everything.

Your Snapchat friends list will appear here. It’s time to leave. You can end your Snapchat streak with a single tap.

This is an excellent app for sharing Snapchat streaks with friends and family. You now know how to make Snapstreak shortcuts and quickly blast your friends with Snap Streaks.


This brings us to the end of our investigation into the Snapchat streak timer hourglass and its variants.

Our explanations of Snapchat’s hourglass function should have allayed your fears.

The new way of exchanging snaps and interacting socially becomes second nature after a short learning curve.

Furthermore, because they were written with busy people in mind, the aforementioned tips will help you avoid the hourglass if your daily responsibilities keep you busy.


Do Snapstreaks Really End After 24 Hours?

The 24-hour rule appears flimsy, as evidenced by the number of people who have told me so.

It’s not by chance that the hourglass appears before or after 20 hours have passed since the most recent snapshot was taken.

Snapchat is said to prefer that you send a snap once a day.

Both snaps sent at 10 a.m. on Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday will count toward your streak.

Don’t get mad at us if you lose your snapstreak; this is all speculative.

As previously stated, Snapchat may notice that you signed in shortly before your snapstreak was set to end.

They may give you a little more time if they know you didn’t notice the hourglass in time.

When a streak is about to end, the hourglass appears for both users, allowing one of you to send the snap to remind the other to keep going.

What to do if you lose your snapstreak?

You just saw the final tick of your timer and are now panicking because your Snapstreak has ended. There is, however, a way to resume your unbroken streak of success.

According to rumors, Snapchat is forgiving and will usually restart your streak if you accidentally end it.

If you accidentally skipped a day while studying for finals and were too exhausted to send a snap, don’t worry; just contact support and they’ll most likely restore your streak.

The steps are as follows:

  1. First, go to
  2. When you arrive, you’ll see a list of options with checkboxes next to them.
  3. Tap or click the “My Snapstreaks vanished” option to select it.
  4. A conversation box will appear below as a result. They keep the streak going by snapping each other once a day, and they explain how it works in a nutshell. It is critical to disregard online conversations (including chats and group conversations).
  5. It’s time to fill out the paperwork so they can bring back your winning snap sequence.
    1. Snapchat’s username, which can be found in your profile Email — this must match the inbox you used to join Snapchat!
    2. Obtain a mobile phone number that includes an international dialing code (+1 for the United States) and a local prefix.
    3. It works as follows: Device – Be as specific as possible, such as iOS 13.1.2 on an iPhone X.
    4. Snapstreak Partner’s Username This is the user name of the person who shared your snapstreak on their account. As of now, these stats on Snapchat can only be viewed for a single friend’s snapstreak.
    5. If so, when did you first become aware of the issue?Please provide as precise a time and date as possible.
    6. When did your Snapstreak eventually expire?Sometimes you can’t remember every detail, but you have to do your best to piece together a general idea of what happened. Snapchat can investigate this, but it could be a bait question to see if you’ll exaggerate your score by saying it’s 200,000 when it’s only 20,000.
    7. Did you happen to notice the timer?Tell the truth: did you see it but forget to send a photo, or did you completely miss it? If this is the case, the flaws in the app may be easier to spot for the developers.
    8. What information do we require? – Here’s your chance to tell your story, but be warned: no one here wants to read a long essay. Keep it brief and to the point; these guys read a lot of these every day.

After you submit your request, you will have to wait a few days to a week for Snapchat support to respond and, hopefully, restore your snapstreak.

How Much Time Do I Have Left If I See The Snapchat Hourglass?

Counting down the remaining time involves a number of variables that can be difficult to account for.

These are the major unresolved issues.

  • When does the hourglass appear in your most recent photo?
  • How long did you take to notice the hourglass?
  • Is there a grace period for Snapchat snapstreaks, or do they end after 24 hours?

Let’s start with the definition of a Snapstreak and the factors that determine when one begins and ends.

How long does a streak last before it dies?

The streak will end in four hours, despite the fact that a normal Snapchat hourglass emoji lasts twenty.

If you’ve already shared a photo but the hourglass icon still appears on your Snapchat, the other user must send you a photo before it vanishes.

What is the longest snap streak?

Longest snap streak is 2089+ as of March 2021 between Shelly Fitzgerald and Mallory Shipley.

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