Following Too Fast on Tiktok

Following Too Fast on Tiktok – How to Fix – 6 Ways

A simple remedy to the problem of people following you too rapidly on TikTok may be found here.

If you’ve been using TikTok for a while and want to grow your following, you might have tried following a huge number of individuals in the hopes that some of them would follow you back.

In no time, you’ll have a couple hundred new admirers.

Using this approach has become more popular on social media platforms like as TikTok and Instagram.

TikTok, on the other hand, has made significant efforts to prevent the behavior, which is widely seen as spammy by the platform’s user base.

What does following too fast error mean on TikTok?

If you get a “following too rapidly” error message on TikTok, it simply means you’re trying to follow too many people too soon.

TikTok has imposed a limit on the number of accounts that each user may follow in a particular time period in an effort to reduce the rise of spam accounts.

This error can occur for a number of reasons, the most prevalent of which is when you follow more than 40 accounts in a short period of time (often an hour or less).

TikTok utilizes a variety of algorithms to monitor user activity.

Following Too Fast on Tiktok

Many applications feature alarm systems that go off when you follow too many accounts.

How to fix following too fast on TikTok?

The “You’re following too quickly” issue on TikTok may be fixed in a variety of ways.

This happens when you try to follow too many accounts at once, according to what you’ve read.

The answer is as easy as decreasing your TikTok following activity to avoid being flagged as a spammer or a bot by the service.

TikTok is an outspoken opponent of robotic procedures. As a result, you must show TikTok that you are not a bot by remaining active on the platform.

Following actions should be delayed, and the error should disappear after a short amount of time.

Slow down your TikTok following activity

If you see a “You’re following too quickly” notification on Tiktok, try slowing down your following activity or unfollowing specific people to see if it helps.

If you want to show to TikTok that you are not a bot or any type of automated system, you should stop following people.

The major reason for your suspension is to keep the TikTok platform clean and clear of bots.

Wait for 12-24 hours

They will ultimately unfollow you no matter how long you wait after unfollowing TikTok accounts.

If this is your first encounter with this difficulty, we recommend waiting 12-24 hours before following any further accounts; nevertheless, you may be cleared in within 30 minutes.

You will be banned for an increasing period of time based on the number of times this error happens.

Once your account has been unlocked, you should go back to your usual routine and cease following hundreds of accounts.

If you continue to try to follow too many accounts and receive this error notice, you risk having your account entirely disabled.

Disconnect all third-party if any

Finally, if you’re using any third-party apps that might interfere with your TikTok experience, we recommend that you uninstall them.

To be sure, TikTok is anti-bot and prefers organic growth over automated means.

If TikTok discovers that you employed a third-party tool classified as a bot to boost your followings or activity, you will be permanently barred from the platform.

Follow others in an interval.

When following someone in the future, make sure to do it at regular intervals.

An example of an interval is following a single individual once every two minutes.

If you consistently follow individuals, you will not be deemed an abuser and your account will not be suspended.

Stop following more than 30 users in an hour

To avoid having your following disabled, you should not follow more than 30 persons every hour.

TikTok enables just 30 new followers each hour.

Simply said, it is the rule of thumb you should follow.

Don’t use automation

You risk having your account disabled if you employ automation.

The reason for this is because TikTok’s technology can detect and block automated accounts.

Using an automated method may result in your TikTok account being suspended, which is against the site’s Community Guidelines.

We cannot emphasize enough how important TikTok is for increasing your visibility.

What is the duration of the “you’re following too fast” block?

This problem does not have a straightforward answer.

If you are experiencing this issue for the first time, the amount of time the follow button is blocked will vary based on how you follow and unfollow accounts.

However, if you have this problem regularly, the effects may last for days rather than the authorized 30 minutes.

Following Too Fast on Tiktok

If you receive the “You’re following too quickly” notification more than once, you will be permanently banned from the app.

You should expect harsh penalties if you participate in spamming behavior on TikTok.

How many accounts can I follow before getting blocked on TikTok?

Again, the answer is context-specific to your account information.

Spammers, for example, usually use newly formed accounts, therefore such accounts would have lower limitations than more established ones.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the number of accounts that can be followed per hour; estimates range from 30 to 50.

Clearly, there are no constraints to enforce.

To avoid having your TikTok account disabled, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Include breaks between the solicitations listed below.
  • tarting with 5-10 accounts every hour and progressively increasing it.

If you don’t follow more than 30 accounts in an hour, you won’t be limited or banned from doing so.

How long does the “You’re following too fast” block last?

What is the proper response? It depends.

Depending on how many times you exceeded the follow limit, the “You’re following too quickly” block may appear for a few minutes to many hours.

In other words, if you start following a large number of users right after the issue message disappears, you will be momentarily restricted from doing so.

The block’s duration will also be extended.

When the error message vanishes and the following limitation is released, it’s not a good idea to start following a lot of people again.

Because of this, the duration of the following block will be longer.

TikTok does not have a set amount of users.

However, you should not follow more than 30 persons every hour.

You’ll have to test TikTok’s genuine follow limit for yourself.

Here’s how you can put it to use in your own life:

  • You should follow as many individuals as possible as long as you don’t get the “You’re following too quickly” notice.
  • Repeat at the one-minute point until the error message disappears.
  • Repeat the instructions, keeping track of how long the block takes.
  • If you’re wondering about your account’s follow limit and have some spare time, you can use the methods described above.

Why does TikTok say you’re tapping too fast?

Another common source of TikTok error messages is because you’re tapping too quickly.

Like watching too many videos at once without giving each one a fair opportunity.

This is a popular activity, especially among followers who scroll through their feed’s videos.

If you merely blindly swipe up and like videos without giving them a fair look, TikTok will believe you’re a bot.

There is no immediate solution to this situation.

Is there any follow and following limitation on TikTok?

TikTok, as previously stated, does not have any tight follow or following limitations.

TikTok offers a plethora of spam-detection algorithms, each of which is triggered by a unique set of user activities.

Furthermore, before blocking you, TikTok evaluates the number of your followers in proportion to the number of individuals that follow you.

Bots often have a huge number of followers but few real people that follow them.

This makes algorithmic recognition easier.

Following Too Fast on Tiktok

How to prevent such an error from occurring.

You may prevent making this mistake and having your account temporarily suspended by following a few simple rules.

Begin by keeping a 2-minute gap while following other users. Never add more than 30 people to your mailing list in one hour.

TikTok’s algorithms can detect a bot in seconds and prevent it from gaining new followers.


Users on TikTok frequently make the mistake of following people too rapidly in order to get more followers.

Giving and receiving likes is a common habit on all types of social media.

While such superficial indications may be useful to some, they give little insight into a user’s fan base’s degree of involvement.

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