Top 14 Best Free Inventory Management Software

Top 14 Best Free Inventory Management Software – Updated

This article discusses the best free inventory management programs. Do you have a physical store or an online marketplace?

Many variables contribute to the necessity of having an inventory management system in place, including your company’s development and the visibility of your things at any one time.

Nonetheless, you have a variety of stock managing options at your disposal. It’s probable that selecting the proper piece of software may become tough in the near future.

Choosing the incorrect inventory management software is not only a tough decision; it may have major ramifications for your business.

In this post’s complete guide, you’ll learn which inventory management solutions are worth your time and money, as well as what aspects to consider before making a purchase.

What is an inventory management software?

Inventory management software may help a company manage product supplies, stockpiles, replenishments, and delivery schedules more efficiently.

Businesses, both physical and virtual, are increasingly relying on this form of inventory management technology to streamline operations.

Discover the best free choices for managing your stockpile now.

Top 14 Best Free Inventory Management Software

Top 8 best free inventory management software provides a top-tier tool for controlling stock levels for free.

True, offers an extremely adaptable Work OS that can be used in any situation.

Because of its low cost and user-friendly design, stock management software is accessible to a wide range of people.

You’ll also like collaborating with others. You are welcome to invite the entire team, and everyone will be able to keep track of the current supply of each product in real time.

You may give a free subscription to to a friend.


Dolibarr, a free (open source) inventory and stock management solution, may help you save money and time.

Dolibarr may be classified as enterprise resource planning software.

Dolibarr, unlike, is a browser-based SaaS application that must be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Dolibarr can keep track of things like sales quotations and invoicing, client interactions, and more, in addition to monitoring your inventory.


Exact, the inventory management software, is available for free.

Exact is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, similar to Dolibarr and

Using Exact, keeping track of stock and ordering more of what you need is a simple. This all-in-one gadget will also make bookkeeping a lot easier.

One downside of this strategy is that its costs are not made public.


Sortly is a comprehensive and cutting-edge inventory management solution.

Sortly is a significantly more sophisticated option to the other software on our list because it is primarily intended for inventory management.

Essential characteristics include:

  • Stock Management
  • The procedure of resupplying has been simplified.
  • Inventory control with barcodes and QR codes
  • Sincere and comprehensive reporting

Sortly is an appealing solution because it can be connected with any of your existing infrastructures.

Sortly’s inventory management software may be reliably tested with a free membership that supports up to 100 products.


Through a monthly subscription service, Inventoria assists firms in keeping track of their inventory.

You can quickly and successfully manage your company’s inventory using Inventoria.

This application may appear old when compared to modern options such as, Sortly, or Zoho.

It will cost you more than $100 to obtain it for your PC.

Zoho inventory

If your company is growing, you’ll need a platform like Zoho Inventory to keep track of your inventory.

The collection of cutting-edge SaaS products provided by Zoho is famous.

Zoho Inventory, a component of Zoho, manages inventory.

Some of the features are as follows:

  • Total product surveillance
  • Because of this technology, real-time stock control is feasible.
  • Reports enable you to simply track your sales success.
  • Inventory and stock control

To summarize, the solution is comprehensive and straightforward to apply.

To check out the service before committing to a premium membership, Zoho provides a free plan with up to 25 orders per month.

Monthly premium packages begin at €49.


Openconcerto is a powerful open-source alternative to existing inventory management software.

However, installation assistance is available for a price.

As major tools for stock management, Openconcerto will provide you with the following features:

  • Keeping track of estimates and invoices
  • Taking Customer Relationship Management Stock
  • In many other retail establishments, the usage of a register is typical.

The tool contains all of the functionality you want, however it is not available in SaaS mode, which may be challenging if you operate in a team.


Professionals can use Net Suite’s broad variety of services for free.

Netsuite is, in fact, an essential component of the Oracle ecosystem.

Among its numerous distinguishing features are:

  • Administration on many sites
  • Automated tracking of in-stock items
  • Real-time stock presentation
  • make tracking easier

One significant disadvantage of Netsuite is its ambiguous pricing.

Square: Best for Retailers & Storefronts


  • Suitable for usage in mobile retail
  • There are an infinite number of products, including variations.
  • Free and simple point-of-sale software
  • synchronizes desktop, tablet, and smartphone purchases


  • There is no specialized reporting.
  • It can only be used with Square Registers and Square Payments.
  • Can’t keep track of perishables

What’s Included for Free

  • Users: Unlimited
  • Locations: Unlimited (though cross-location item tracking is not supported on free plans)
  • Items/products: Unlimited
  • Transactions: Unlimited

Paid plans start at: $60/month

Square scores high on both our best POS systems and top free POS systems lists, illustrating its importance to retailers of all types.

Square’s inventory management services, on the other hand, are free with every point-of-sale account.

When you consider everything that comes with with a Square account—in-store sales, ecommerce connectivity, mobile capabilities, and POS—it is the best all-in-one solution for businesses that want to manage inventory for free and sell in-store, online, via invoicing, and on mobile.

Do you have any idea?

Square Online, Square’s ecommerce website builder, comes with every Square account and may be used to create an online store that takes payments via your Square account.

When compared to Zoho, which has more capability than only inventory management, this application received a 4.12 out of 5 rating.

Square, on the other hand, received top marks from our panel of experts for its usability, affordability, and overall value.

Square had a lower grade because to a lack of kitting capabilities, multiple-location inventory, and sales tracking; limited customer service hours; and paid-only reports, vendor management, and purchase orders.

Square, like Zoho, provides a fairly comprehensive mobile app for managing sales, inventory, and other tasks.

ABC Inventory: Best for Repair Shops & Manufacturing


  • Maintenance, renting, and basic property administration are all covered.
  • Translation into many languages and currencies
  • Kiteboarding friendly
  • Production methods such as machine assembly orders and material use are included.


  • PC-only
  • The old user interface
  • Simply a customer service forum

What’s Included for Free

  • Users: One
  • Location: Unlimited
  • Items/products: Unlimited
  • Transactions: 50 orders/month

Paid plans start at: $435 one-time fee

Despite being a locally installed system with an old UI, ABC Inventory by Almyta Systems is a fantastic alternative for low-cost manufacturers or repair firms with modest requirements.

Its bill of materials may have up to 20 levels and contains an endless number of custom fields and dropdown lists for extra attributes.

Top 14 Best Free Inventory Management Software

ABC Inventory is open-source software that gives you a lot of leeway in designing an inventory management system in exchange for the time and effort it takes to learn how to construct and use it properly.

Work orders, approvals, repair and maintenance orders, and special serials for manufacturing or engineering are just a few of the factory-specific capabilities offered by ABC Inventory.

When it comes to industial-specific products, neither Zoho nor Square can compete.

In our tests, ABC Inventory scored a 3.27 out of 5 stars.

While the ability to monitor an endless number of products across several warehouses is a significant benefit, ABC Inventory’s clunky UI and poor download speed make for a disagreeable overall experience.

Furthermore, the only way to contact customer assistance is through a community forum.

The program is only available for PCs and does not allow for smooth integration with other applications.

If you need a solution with a variety of built-in connectors, Square is the ideal option.

Boxstorm: Best for Custom Tracking


  • Suppliers’ Administration
  • With an accompanying app
  • Surveillance of spoiled or otherwise rapidly expiring objects


  • Things and offers are in short supply.
  • There is no product variation capability.
  • Only API integrations

What’s Included for Free

  • Users: One
  • Location: One
  • Items/products: 25 Items
  • Transactions: 100/month

Paid plans start at: $79/month

Boxstorm is a feature-rich and user-friendly inventory management system developed by Fishbowl

Inventory that stands out for its ability to track items based on particular parameters such as expiration date, lot, serial number, and more.

For perishable foods, this is a highly valuable feature.

Boxstorm received a 3.19 out of 5 overall score from our inventory management ranking system.

It scored high grades for inventory features such as barcoding, cycle counting, and automated reordering, but it was penalized for having too few transaction and inventory elements.

While its vendor management tools outperform Square’s free edition, its customer relationship management (CRM) features fall short of Zoho’s.

SalesBinder: Best for Small International Businesses


  • More than 130 countries have it.
  • Management of Service-to-Client Relationships
  • Barcoded products and documents
  • Paid plans are not prohibitively expensive.


  • There are no add-ons available in the free tier.
  • The availability of discretionary items is subject to change.
  • Worst-rated iOS app in history.

What’s Included for Free

  • Users: One
  • Location: Unlimited
  • Items/products: 100
  • Transactions: Unlimited

Paid plans start at: $9/month

We considered a number of non-American inventory managers on our list, but SalesBinder stands out as a top pick because to its high-quality software that is compatible with over 130 different currencies.

Because of its adaptable design and user-friendly interface, it may be adjusted to fit the individual needs of users worldwide.

Integrations are not supported in the free version of SalesBinder.

It does, however, have robust capabilities for sales and customer relationship management, as well as substantial features for inventory documentation and administration.

On the free plan, there are restrictions to the amount of inventory products, accounts, and orders that may be logged each month, which is unusual among the inventory trackers we tested.

Paid options for SalesBinder begin at $9 per month, making it an economical alternative for startups and small enterprises with a modest client base and inventory.

We give SalesBinder an overall grade of 3.1 out of 5 on a 5-point system. It performed admirably in expert score and inventory feature evaluations.

The SalesBinder score might have been better if the free plan had not been restricted in terms of the amount of items or users it could handle, and if integrations had not been forbidden.

Stockpile: Best for Large Simple Inventories


  • There are no limitations imposed on users or products.
  • Designed with the needs of small businesses in mind.
  • Design that is user-friendly


  • Customer service is difficult to reach.
  • There is no possibility of bundling or kitting.
  • There are no sales or buy order options.
  • There have been no mergers.

What’s Included for Free

  • Users: Unlimited
  • Locations: Unlimited
  • Items/products: Unlimited
  • Transactions: Unlimited

Canvus’ Stockpile inventory management system is the only one that does not require a subscription from us.

Unlike Square, which is built primarily for retail, this system is simply for inventory management.

That is why it is great for businesses that stock a large number of low-value products but do not require a sales team. You should consider utilizing Zoho for kitting or packing.

We gave this software a terrible 2.49 out of a possible 5.

Although there are no restrictions on the amount of products, users, or locations, the true capability is limited to the most basic stock management at best.

Because the primary goal is multi-location tracking, you cannot program variants, generate purchase orders, or create bundles.

If you prefer a more feature-rich option, look at SalesBinder or Boxstorm.

Stockpile also suffered as a result of inadequate customer support (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time).

RightControl: Best for Service Industries With Small Inventories


  • Inventory and shipping tools that work together
  • Capability to generate barcodes
  • Excellent customer relationship management that allows for credit limitations for clients.


  • At any given moment, only one location may be traced.
  • The free plan restricts you to 10 goods.
  • Only for Windows users

What’s Included for Free

  • Users: One
  • Locations: One
  • Items/products: 10
  • Transactions: 50 orders/month

Paid plans start at: £0.99/month

RightControl offers a free trial version of their inventory management software, which allows customers to monitor sales and purchases and produce invoices.

It can also handle shipments and stockroom inventories.

However, because of the improved CRM system in the free plan, we recommend it for service firms that just need to track a modest number of goods (albeit it only supports 10 items).

RightControl received a 2.34 overall rating from us, owing mostly to the fact that it only supports up to 10 goods and one warehouse.

It, like ABC Inventory, is incompatible with other programs and can only be accessed via a desktop browser.

It includes basic inventory operations, but it also contains purchase order management and a sales dispatch link to the customer. The system was included in our study because of these properties.

Why should you use inventory management software?

The quality of inventory management software has a significant impact on a company’s well-being and efficiency.

Among the many advantages are the following:

Clear steering of your business

Your company’s success is determined on how transparently you do business.

You can quickly keep track of your orders, supplies, and any shortages with an inventory management system in place to avoid revenue loss.

Top 14 Best Free Inventory Management Software

Easier supply management

Keeping up with supplies, delivery dates, delays, and even supplier payment delays is one of the most typical issues in corporate management.

You won’t have to worry about running out of stock with an inventory management solution since it will inform you when items are getting low, automatically order replacements, reorder unpaid products, and more.

Reduce customer annoyance

What could be more aggravating than attempting to buy something online only to discover that it is out of stock when you reach the checkout page?

Inventory management software may significantly minimize customer irritation and increase transparency with your customers.

Increase your turnover

Expect more turnover if you enhance management by being more transparent and open to new ideas.

Underestimating the software’s good synergy would be a mistake.

Will free inventory software be enough for me?

It is impossible to say whether free inventory management software will suffice; this will depend on the size of your company, the number of clients, and the number of things.

In most cases, though, you will need to invest in a premium inventory management solution.

While the great majority of these firms provide free limited-time samples of their commodities, you’ll eventually be compelled to commit to a paid membership if you wish to utilize the supplied services on a regular basis.

How to Choose the Best Inventory Management Software For Your Business

Is your organization utilizing the best inventory management software? Everyone has a different answer to this question. We recommend adopting this method to narrow down your alternatives.


The days of manually maintaining inventory are long gone. Even if you’re using software, it’s still crucial to automate as much of your labor as possible.

When an item is sold, returned, or relocated, the system should be set to update itself. Inventory automation will also improve the precision of your stock management.


If you have to conduct labor by hand someplace, no amount of automation or inventory management can assist.

If you already use accounting software, an e-commerce platform, and a customer relationship management system, among other things, you should prioritize finding inventory management software that can communicate with all of these.


The most successful inventory management solutions provide a number of valuable features. Keep the following items on your shopping list:

  • Inventory Valuation Calculation (LIFO, FIFO, etc.)
  • Following Movements
  • Keeping an eye on stocks
  • Product Categories
  • Barcode scanning

Depending on your circumstances, you may not need all of these alternatives.

Business Type

Some apps are tailored to a certain firm or sector. Large enterprises, such as factories and warehouses, have quite different inventory requirements than small retailers.

A business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce website will obviously have different requirements than a standard business-to-consumer (B2C) online store.

If at all feasible, go for industry-specific or custom-designed software.


The cost of inventory management software might vary substantially. Options for free or low-cost (starting at $39/month) have been considered. We have other options, but their monthly fees exceed $1,100.

I anticipate the great majority of you will fall somewhere in the middle. Price is often determined by features, user count, and order size.

The Top Inventory Management Software in Summary

Paper and spreadsheets have given way to inventory management software.

Some of the important functions of top-tier inventory management software are order management, product identification, service management, and asset tracking.

Finale Inventory and Zoho Inventory are the two best inventory management solutions. However, for your inventory needs, you might look at any of the choices covered in this guidebook.

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