5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy During COVID-19 Pandemic

5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy During COVID-19 Pandemic

5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy – Having a pregnancy in the midst of the corona pandemic (Covid-19) is not an easy thing. How not, in addition to maintaining your own health, you also need to think about the health of the fetus you are carrying.

5 Tips for A healthy Pregnancy During Covid 19 Pandemic
5 Tips for A healthy Pregnancy During Covid 19 Pandemic

Maternal and perinatal health expert from the World Health Organization, Dr Ozge Tuncalp said pregnancy in the middle of a pandemic is a headache. Even so, it is important for every woman to know tips for a healthy pregnancy. Pregnant women should also take the same precautions to avoid Covid-19 as everyone else. You can protect yourself and your family by staying clean, such as keeping your distance and always washing your hands, wearing a mask, and opening windows often.

The next step is to start by practicing good breathing etiquette when coughing and sneezing. If possible, it is advisable to vaccinate against Covid-19.

Parents who are planning to have a baby during the Covid-19 pandemic must also have a lot of considerations. Given there are strict health restrictions and protocols.

Starting with a good routine such as maintaining a healthy diet, moderate exercise, maintaining stress levels to maintain birth planning, and managing mental health for pregnant women are some tips for a healthy pregnancy during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The form of the message from WHO is very clear in this regard. Safe pregnancy care, baby care and postpartum care is very important to maintain.

Here are 5 Tips for a healthy pregnancy during the Covid 19 Pandemic :

  • Qualified Health Service

Every woman and baby has the right to high-quality care. For care during labor and pregnancy, WHO makes guidelines that all services are good during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

According to him, it is very important to ensure that all pregnant women and newborns, including those with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 infection, receive appropriate high-quality care before and after delivery.

  • Get a Safe and Quality Childbirth Experience

Although health workers are under pressure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, respectful treatment for pregnant women must still be prioritized. Make sure to have the right choice of companion during labor, communicate with medical personnel regarding strategies and mobility in the delivery position.

After birth, mother and baby should be able to stay together, practice skin-to-skin contact, and breastfeeding. This is accompanied by follow-up in the form of prevention and control such as wearing masks for mothers and all health workers, hygienic rooms and equipment, and adequate health facilities.

  • Recommendations for Pregnant Women Exposed to Covid-19

The next tip for a healthy pregnancy is that pregnant women have no evidence of having a high risk of Covid-19. However, when pregnant women contract Covid-19 and if it is severe, the risk of ICU is higher than women who are not pregnant and have the potential for premature birth.

Being pregnant is not an additional risk for catching Covid, but we also know that pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing severe Covid so that they are at higher risk of giving birth prematurely.

Ask your healthcare provider for advice on tips for a healthy pregnancy during the covid 19 pandemic to manage common symptoms of Covid so you can make the right decisions together. Your readiness is needed to know the symptoms that exist or if there are other complications.

  • Set Schedule to Health Service

Checking pregnant women to health services is essential, especially during a pandemic. However, it is very necessary to have a pregnancy checkup while still adhering to health protocols even if there are .

Make sure that any contacts you miss for regular prenatal and postnatal care are rescheduled.

  • Keep Breastfeeding

In some cases it has been found that the active virus has been identified in breast milk and there have been cases of infected newborns.

Although there is no evidence that the corona virus spreads through breast milk. Thus, for now babies can get breast milk even if the mother has tested positive for Covid-19.

Transmission in the womb or during birth is very rare or even non-existent. So, it is important to continue breastfeeding. And as far as we know, babies born to women infected with Covid generally don’t have less severe symptoms.

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