Best Free Business Management Software

14 Best Free Business Management Software for 2022

If you’re seeking for high-quality, low-cost corporate software, you’ve come to the right place.

If you own a small firm or a part of a larger corporation, consider investing in commercial management software.

Whether your objective is to enhance operations or just decrease expenses, a company management tool will be quite beneficial.

In this article, we’ll define commercial management software and then go over the greatest solutions available right now.

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What is a business management software?

An efficient corporation necessitates an efficient tool for managing the many aspects of the business, which is what business management software is all about.

This sort of software may handle a wide range of administrative functions, like as bookkeeping, inventory management, and customer communication.

Best Free Business Management Software

You may observe how your firm is going toward its goals and what direction its strategy should take with the aid of a management tool.

This sort of tool frequently integrates with other management software, such as ERP.

Top 14 best free business management software, a scalable, cloud-based solution that can be purchased in modules, makes business management a breeze. can handle a variety of business operations such as project management, time tracking, customer relationship management, and inventory management.

Commercial management, on the other hand, is a tangible illustration of how may be used.

However, keep in mind that lacks the capability required to meet your company’s bookkeeping needs., on the other hand, will give you total control over everything else.

This company management software is both inexpensive and simple to use because it is free for up to two users. The premium plan’s starting price is 8 € per user per month.


Clickup is a great place to seek for free business software that will help you keep organized.

The major aims of designing this program were to increase online team communication and lessen administrative expenses for business owners.

Despite some parallels to project management software, this tool has numerous different applications. When compared to other business management software, Clickup comes quite close.

Clickup includes a variety of helpful functionalities and connectors in addition to its outstanding graphics.

Clickup’s key functionalities include task and project management, as well as goal and document management.

Instead of taking our word for it, we encourage that you download a free trial edition and test it out for yourself.

Clickup testing is also absolutely free.


Teamleader software may be used to handle nearly any area of a business.

In fact, as teamleader, you are in charge of all parts of commercial and company administration, such as bookkeeping, project management, and time management.

Teamleader includes a number of useful tools for business management. This software is perfect if you don’t want to transfer between numerous programs for different objectives.

Teamleader provides a complete review of your company’s current state.

The first monthly fee per user will be 15 Euros.


When it comes to free business management software, noCRM is unrivaled. It is an excellent tool for managing sales leads and identifying new possibilities.

In its platform, NoCRM prioritizes usability. Key characteristics include:

Communication Management Heads of State Administration Outreach Task Sequencing and Management

Customer relationship management and project management are combined in NoCRM.

The initial premium plan costs only 12€ per month, and there is also a free version.


Axonaut, a business management application, was developed in France.

Axonaut enables you to manage your whole business, from lead generation to payment collection, while being fully compliant with all French rules.

The following are important characteristics:

  • Finance and administration in the commercial sector
  • Managing leads and customers (CRM)
  • Create quotations and invoices
  • Taking Care of Purchase Orders
  • Module for Accounting Functions
  • Add-on module for ticketing and project management

Finally, you can see that Axonaut can perform a range of roles inside an organization.

This is a fantastic tool since it accomplishes so much and is so simple to use.

After a 14-day free trial, the first premium plan costs 40€ per month.


Sage is the most powerful SaaS software available.

Sage50 is the software of choice in the business sector.

One application can handle all of your quoting, invoicing, bookkeeping, and prospecting needs.

This tool’s target market is small companies.

Sage 50 will help you save time while managing your company’s finances, and it will also allow you to track stock values and their fluctuation over time.

The monthly price starts at $33.


While Notion was not created primarily for company administration, its versatility makes it a viable solution for any firm.

With Notion’s kanban view, which is similar to Trello’s, you can rapidly organize your chores into manageable pieces and see the overall picture of your to-do list.

Notion is a platform for cooperation since you may incorporate the entire group.

However, when it comes to simple project management, Notion falls well short of


CoSchedule is a free marketing team management application.

Indeed, this corporate management software is geared for marketing teams, allowing them to handle all provided material, combine the graphical components, coordinate distribution through a calendar, and assign different tasks to various marketing team members.

With CoSchedule, you can control the look of your brand through a common image library and keep track of all of your marketing campaigns from start to finish.


Insightly is a complete platform for customer relationship management.

This program’s collaborative project and task management features are robust.

The Insightly Service package is a project management application that allows you to track the progress of projects in your organization or team.

Because of its CRM foundation, Insightly is a complete solution that is precisely suited toward the development of your organization.

This technology, however, is more suited for a business context, which is why we’ve put it here.

Best Project Management Software – nTask

If you do not employ a specific project management program, you may lose sight of effective business management.

This is why we started with nTask at the top of the list. This project management software contains a plethora of options that will assist you in completing your company efforts.

The powerful native modules of nTask provide a comprehensive solution to your project’s difficulties.

You won’t have to move between apps to handle your tasks successfully using this one environment. You can get the full picture of your project’s chronology if you utilize nTask.

The tool’s attractive Gantt charts and in-built timesheets make it simple to keep track of how well your project is progressing.

Let’s see what nTask can do for you:

Top Features

  • Build and manage your projects with a strategy that allows for incremental additions.
  • You may use it as a task management tool in real time to distribute work to team members and define duties.
  • Set the recurrence of a job to a frequency of your choice, and it will be repeated automatically.
  • Get your team’s meetings off to a fantastic start by using a powerful native meeting management solution that provides you more control over the meeting’s details.
  • Create issues, assign them to relevant projects, and use meaningful issue data like severity and priority to take proactive action to address them.
  • Reduce the chance of project damage by documenting hazards early on.
  • Gantt charts and timesheets are built-in, making it simple to track the progress of yourproject.
  • Maintain open channels of communication by commenting on and replying to team members’ tasks.
  • Using nTask Custom Fields, you may create your own customer relationship management system.

Pricing Plans

nTask comes with three plans:

  • Free plan: unlimited tasks, unlimited meetings, timesheet reporting, and unlimited workspaces
  • Premium plan: starting at $3 – unlimited projects and Gantt Charts.
  • Business plan: starting at $8 – unlimited Risk management, and Custom Fields.

Best Team Communication Software – Slack

Slack is where we conduct all of our collaboration.

Details may be lost in the mix at any level of business growth. Use Slack as your team’s official mode of communication and cooperation to avoid the stress and shame of misunderstandings.

Slack can help you arrange the entrance of a new recruit, the delivery of critical papers, the scheduling of a meeting, or the exchange of banal communications.

Slack enhances team cooperation by separating channels for each group.

Slack also includes hundreds of add-ons that may be utilized for any project.

The software’s built-in connections ensure that you won’t have to switch between applications anytime you need to complete a basic business function.

Key Features

  • Lines for specific groups, tasks, and conversations
  • Hundreds of external app connections
  • Using the search option, you can easily discover messages.
  • Service availability updates tailored to you
  • Notifications from within the app

Pricing Plans

  • Free and paid plans. Paid plans start from $6.67

Best Financial Management Software – FreshBooks

FreshBooks, a popular invoicing and accounting tool, rates high among the best small business management software for handling money.

FreshBooks is all-in-one accounting software that assists businesses with everything from invoicing and budgeting to payroll and more.

Native time tracking makes it simple to measure how much time employees spend on different tasks and generate accurate invoices.

Furthermore, the tool’s extensive feature set makes it an effective alternative for managing projects and their associated duties.

Some of the beneficial features include centralized file storage, group chat, and job delegation.

Key Features

  • Expense tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Cost estimates
  • Accounting reports
  • Dashboards
  • Customized team permissions
  • Team chat

Pricing Plans

  • The tool comes with paid plans which start from $15 per month. All plans come with a free trial of 30 days.

Best Business Team Collaboration Software – Chanty

Chanty’s goal is to promote cooperation and production inside an organization.

You may communicate with your team in a number of settings, including one-on-one chats, public channels, and small groups, by utilizing Chanty.

The Team book acts as a primary storage location for all communication, tasks, data, and relationships.

With Chanty, you can make phone conversations, video calls, and share your screen all in one app.

The Kanban board includes a task organizer that allows you to turn communications into actionable items, assign them to particular team members, and set due dates and priority.

You may use voice messaging to hold a fast audio discussion with your team.

Chanty is interoperable with a variety of apps, including Asana, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, MailChimp, and Giphy.

Key Features

  • Unlimited message history
  • Private, public, group, and one-on-one conversations
  • Integrations
  • Audio/video calls
  • Voice messaging
  • Built-in task management
  • Kanban board

Pricing Plans

  • Free basic plan
  • Business plan starts at $3/user per month

Best Email Service – Gmail

Because email is so important in today’s business, we’ve included Gmail as the fourth tool on our list of the best business management software.

Gmail, which is powered by Google, is one of the most widely used email services.

Gmail has become the default email service for many individuals, both in their personal and professional life, due to its ease of use and abundance of free extras.

The software’s powerful spam filtering algorithm continuously scans your inbox and deletes any undesirable communications it discovers.

Furthermore, depending on their classification, the program organizes emails into primary, social, promotional, and other categories.

Key Features

  • Spam filtering
  • Email categorization
  • Free storage
  • Conversation threads
  • Instant messaging
  • Video chat
  • Virus and malware scanning
  • Search bar
  • Language support
  • Offline access
  • Powerful sync with other applications

Pricing Plans

  • Gmail is free for personal use. The business account plans start from $5 per user/month, with a free trial of 14 days.

Best CRM Software – Bitrix24

If you require customer relationship management software that also functions as a project management system, Bitrix24 may be the solution.

Bitrix24 is a single point of contact for customer relationship management, project management, file sharing, and cooperation.

The free edition of the software has basic customer management and marketing automation tools, making it suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

However, for a little cost, you can have access to sophisticated features such as seamless connectivity for email marketing and customer relationship management.

Bitrix24 also has department-specific CRM tools, enabling for more complete sales pipeline tracking, marketing automation, and multi-channel customer care.

Key Features

  • Lead management
  • Sales reports
  • Email marketing
  • CRM pipeline management
  • Customer contact center (chat, email, phone, etc.)
  • Invoicing
  • Task management
  • Multiple third-party application integrations

Pricing Plans

  • Bitrix24 comes with Free and paid plans. The paid plans start from $35, but you can also get a full-featured CRM software for $69 per month.

Best Cloud Storage – Dropbox

Larger storage requirements are unavoidable for successful businesses. This sentence is all made up, yet it works! Secure document sharing and backup is critical for any business.

If you’re not utilizing the tool correctly, good luck storing and retrieving data.

Dropbox comes in handy in this circumstance since

It is currently one of the most popular cloud storage alternatives available. This business management software is easy to set up and allows teams to save and access data from a single location.

Because of the software’s extensive built-in features, it is perfect for simplifying a wide range of organizational procedures.

Dropbox Paper, for example, makes it simple to create lists and take notes.

Key Features

  • Files storage
  • Files sharing
  • Custom access controls
  • Integrations with other applications

Pricing Plans

  • Dropbox is a paid tool and the plans start from $8.25 per month for individuals and $12.50 per user/month for teams.

Best Customer Support Software – Intercom

Intercom ranks seventh on our list of the best business management software because customer service is critical to the success of any organization.

Intercom automates your interactions with customers by merging artificial intelligence and data from existing users.

This is made feasible by the software’s utilization of client profiles and segmentation.

You can handle and follow up on customer inquiries from a single location with live chat and unique, customised messaging.

Key Features

  • Live user data
  • Real-time performance tracking
  • Live Chat
  • Instant messages
  • Email campaign creation
  • Behavior triggered messages
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer profiles
  • Third-party application integrations

Pricing Plans

  • Intercom is a paid tool and the plans start at $136 per month. The plans come with a free trial of 14 days.

Best Business Recruitment Software – BambooHR

Not only can BambooHR assist HR professionals run their businesses more efficiently, but it’s also an excellent tool for executive recruiters.

Within its own limits, this program looks to have all the makings of a fully functional people profile management solution.

As a result, you may manage your “assets” based on things such as recent peer ratings, employee onboarding and offboarding, and performance metrics.

It’s plausible to assume that the most crucial components of this application are its ability to manage personnel profiles through a centralized, constantly updated cloud database and the additional simplicity of changing individual pictures, certificates, and so on.

HR professionals can throw away the file cabinets and digitize their most sensitive employee and corporate information with BambooHR.

Everything is in one spot, easily controlled, and only a few clicks away.

Managers can also customize other parts of their workers’ work lives, such as time off policies, benefit options, enrollment periods, and so on.

Key Features

  • The latest version comes with a bundle of reporting metrics
  • Standard equal employment opportunity reports
  • Ability to add multiple permission levels to employee cards for privileged peer review
  • 3rd party benefits, medical plans, offboarding plans, and much more
  • Ability to track and consolidate individual employee performance reports
  • A new applicant tracking system
  • Employee absence and activity summary

Pricing Plans

  • The basic plan starts at $99/month. Depending on the size of your organization’s needs, you can send a personal email to BambooHR representatives for a custom quote.

Best Business Sales Management Software – Pipedrive

Pipedrive has received a number of user-choice awards in the last two years, recognizing it as a top CRM software resource.

The fact that Pipedrive’s extensive range of features has a narrow-to-wide reach summarizes its exceptional applicability as a highly responsive sales management system for sole owners and small businesses.

Pipedrive’s final, refined version was influenced by input from sales professionals provided when the product was still in its early stages.

This program is the realization of a popular desire for its users due to its user-friendly interface, simple design, and convenient accessibility.

It simply takes a few minutes to create an account for a new user. You may work in all the details of your sales-driven project specs as you go.

If it can automatically sync with Google Calendars to display reminders on your screen at the appropriate times, you have a full-fledged third-party business solutions system.

Key Features

  • Compatibility with portable mobile devices for uninterrupted sales project management
  • Ability to set up the company and individual goals
  • Monthly, weekly or custom time scale milestone settings
  • Google Contacts and Google Calendar integration
  • To some degree, the API can be configured, depending on your sales portal
  • Excellent customer service alongside 24/7 multi-language support

Pricing Plans

  • Pipedrive offers tiered pricing for its many features because it is a premium service. A low-end Silver plan costs $12 per user each month.
  • If you require additional storage capacity or want to allow several users to access the service through a single account, the Gold and Platinum plans, which cost $24 and $50 per month, are worth considering.

Best Free Business Management Software

Best Inventory Management Software – Inflow

As the name implies, Inflow is primarily designed to meet the needs of inventory managers who want a quick-response application that can save and retrieve data about warehouses even while they are not at their desks.

However, we believe that Inflow is an excellent choice for business owners of all sizes that are looking for, or are actively looking for, an inventory management solution.

Inventory management has received the moniker “art” due to its increasing complexity. Relying on memory may be the only choice for a small business owner with a few product batches hidden away in the warehouse.

It’s a good practice, but what happens when demand for your product suddenly skyrockets and you’re forced to deal with a restricted number of employees and an excessive quantity of inventory management difficulties that might potentially lower sales?

If the data on your hard drive becomes corrupted or disappears for whatever reason, you can always restore it using Inflow, a desktop installation program that also includes a backup system.

Key Features

  • Ability to manage individual inventory items through RFID tracking
  • Complete integration with different bar code styles
  • Inventory optimization according to sales and demand charts
  • Order management, entry, exit, and delivery reports for customized client experience
  • Sales vs. break-even point analysis
  • Single customer purchase history, and order tracking. Inflow can also be used for monitoring multiple customers for the same inventory sales

Pricing Plans

  • Since it is a desktop application, Inflow is offered at a one-time price of $399 per license.
  • The premium edition scales up to $799 for medium to large-sized businesses.

Best Business Process Management Software – Nintex Promapp

Nintex Promapp, a business process management software, allows knowledge exchange by centralizing all necessary content.

The program is designed to make it simple for your team to keep track of any changes to the process by generating simple visual tools from otherwise complex process maps, documentation, and Visio charts.

Promapp is a real-time collaboration and monitoring tool that can be utilized by groups of any size and from any industry.

Use the “processes I’m in” filter to see only the procedures in which you are now engaged and proceed through them.

Bookmarking commonly used methods can improve accuracy even further.

Document management, advanced workflow automation, and built-in risk and compliance management are just a few of the numerous services handled by this business management software.

Key Features

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Configurable tags for identifying processes
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Automated workflow management
  • Documents management
  • Process variation management, along with cost changes
  • One-click process feedback
  • Integration with third-party apps

Pricing Plans

  • Nintex Promapp’s pricing works on grounds of the number of processes added. The license starts from $950/month.

Best Business Resource Planning Software – TeamGantt

There is no software more tried and true than the plain old-fashioned Gantt chart for organizing project resources.

Similarly, the following company management software may be used for the same purpose.

With TeamGantt’s easy Gantt chart, you can easily schedule and allocate resources to your projects.

To maximum efficiency, assign as many resources as you like to each task, along with their availability hours.

By using a filter and identifying the particular resource burden, you may assign assignments based on capabilities, reducing burnout.

The tool’s easy drag-and-drop interface allows for quick alterations without breaking the schedule.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Gantt charts, along with filters
  • Multiple customizable task views
  • Planned timeline vs. Actual timeline viewer
  • Task assignment to multiple team members
  • Workload view by task or hours
  • Actual vs. estimated hours for time tracking
  • Task dependencies
  • Resource availability tab

Pricing Plans

  • TeamGantt provides Free and paid subscription plans.
  • The paid plans start from $49.75 per month for a team of up to 5 members. The price changes with the number of team members.

 Best Business Marketing Software – HubSpot

Hubspot is the next best company management software to use for marketing and sales automation.

The software’s numerous capabilities may be used to handle every aspect of your inbound marketing approach.

Without a question, Hubspot is one of the most effective marketing platforms accessible.

Hubspot can help you with everything from website traffic and leads to customer connections and sales.

Hubspot’s major goal as a sales management tool is to save you time by tracking even the most minor customer contacts.

The application provides a centralized center for the quick automation of activities through the use of technologies such as email sequences, email tracking, and prospect profiles.

Hubspot can achieve this because it provides tools for both content preparation and search engine optimization management, which ensures that your content is seen by the right people at the right time.

Key Features

  • Leads management
  • Website traffic management
  • Email tracking
  • Sequential emails
  • Templates and canned emails
  • Live chat on the website
  • Pipeline management
  • SEO and content strategy tools
  • Third-party access

Pricing Plans

  • The Marketing plan of Hubspot offers a Free plan, along with paid ones.
  • The paid plans start from $50 per month.

Best Business Resource Planning Software – ProductPlan

ProductPlan is one of the best corporate management software alternatives for creating and managing a product or project road map.

This software is used by project managers because it helps them to create a clear plan of action.

This project management solution may be used from start to finish, from product design and software testing through final delivery.

Furthermore, you and your team may collaborate to create a visual roadmap of your product, complete with estimates and work in progress, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

A simple drag-and-drop interface may be used to design the product’s timeline, and any development obstacles can be swiftly and simply removed.

By assigning different colors to the progress meter, adding milestones, and connecting dependent elements, among many other useful features, you can turn making your roadmaps into a pleasant sport.

Key Features:

  • Timeline and list view for roadmap based on dates
  • Create multiple roadmaps in your master plan for an entire product portfolio
  • Make use of the planning board to manage backlog items
  • Create milestones and set the connections between taskbars
  • Easy drag and drop functionality
  • Create a private link and share it with stakeholders


  • Business plan at $39/month per user when paid annually
  • Enterprise plan at $69/month per user
  • Enterprise Plus plan at $99/month per user

Best Business Live Chat Software – ProProfs Chat

Company owners may give rapid assistance to site visitors while also providing a delightful experience for them with ProProfs Chat, a cloud-based customer support platform.

Visitor tracking and chat greetings, for example, allow your support personnel to communicate with visitors more quickly and be more proactive.

The reports area allows you to collect detailed data that may be utilized to assist your support staff members in determining the cause of problems and attempting to resolve them in the future.

Key Features:

  • Using predefined messages to reduce response time
  • Reduce tickets by up to 80% with knowledge base integration
  • Share chat sessions with other operators in real-time
  • Announce sales, discounts, and upcoming updates
  • Set up automated greetings based on visitor behavior
  • Provide chat support in 70+ languages
  • Create a support bundle with 50+ integration options
  • Monitor chat operators closely and view reports

Pricing Plans:

  • Offers both free and paid plans to users.
  • Paid plan starts at $10/user/month.
  • You can try premium features with their 15 days free trial.

Best Business Work Management Software – Scoro

Scoro is the next competitor on our list of the finest business management software.

It’s an integrated suite of business management solutions that will save lost time spent jumping between apps and increase production.

Scoro enables you to monitor the performance of your business team and simply share the results via simplified reports and dashboards.

It enables organizations to collaborate effectively in a virtual environment.

Management may make decisions based on real information by utilizing the system’s advanced analytics and KPIs.

This application is vital to any organization since it combines customer relationship management (CRM), resource management (RM), financial summary (FinSum), budgeting (Budget), and project management (PM).

Key Features:

  • High-level customized projects overview
  • Project timeline, priority assignment, and reduce overlaps
  • Timesheets and time tracker
  • Planner and Kanban task board
  • Contact details, files, quotes, and invoices
  • Identify the sales process
  • Tracking goals and performance


  • Free Trial
  • Essential plan at $26/month
  • Standard plan starts at $37/per month
  • Pro plan at $49/month

Best Document Management Software – PaperTracer

Effective document management is critical to organizational efficiency.

Because papers are your primary source of information and contain a great deal of sensitive data, it is critical that they are securely kept, categorized, and handled.

Every business’s ability to obtain appropriate document management software is critical to its seamless functioning.

Your primary priority should be ensuring that the software has all of the necessary security features and is up to date.

PaperTracer is an effective document management application.

The comprehensive features of the program will help you manage your files while keeping sensitive information private and conveniently available whenever you need it.

The document management software’s HIPPA-compliant capabilities allow for increased efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Create and integrate workflow, users, and data into the system.
  • Scan newly added documents
  • Drag and drop to add files
  • Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for quick retrieval of targeted information
  • Track edits made in the document
  • Workflow automation plays a critical role in improving productivity
  • Traditional Windows device access is secured with 2048-bit encryption.


  • PaperTracer offers three pricing plans for small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses, the pricing details can be obtained by contacting their team.

Best Data Management Software – Microsoft SQL Server

A large amount of fresh information is produced every second. There are millions of bytes of data here, far more than gigabytes or terabytes.

To properly handle such a large data collection, you’ll need a system that does more than simply store it; it must also secure its safety, keep it structured, and make it easy to retrieve when needed.

Microsoft SQL Server is an outstanding option of technology for storing and organizing data.

Microsoft has earned our trust via the development of creative and successful products, and the Microsoft SQL server is no exception.

You may save time and effort by collecting, managing, and organizing data with the tool’s comprehensive functionalities.

Key Features:

  • Analyzes all types of data
  • Available in multiple languages and across various platforms
  • Microsoft SQL server has one of the most secure databases
  • Offers big data clusters for more efficient data management
  • Integration with third-party apps


  • Express- $0
  • Web – Pricing depends on your hosting partner
  • Developer – $0
  • Standard-CAL – $209
  • Standard-server – $899
  • Standard-per core – $3586
  • Enterprise – $13758

Best Idea Management Software – Miro

Keeping up with coworkers has become more difficult as the world has shifted to remote working.

Although communication and cooperation issues may be solved with adequate technology, the difficulty of efficiently communicating ideas must be overlooked.

It takes more than just conversing in real time to properly share and develop on ideas. Visuals are vital for concept translation and team-based pros and cons analysis.

Miro, thankfully, can assist us with this as well.

Team members may collaborate and discuss ideas on a virtual whiteboard with Miro in real time.

Its capabilities extend much beyond that of a mere canvas, having applications in process creation, design, mapping, and other areas.

Miro has approximately 20 million users, and its useful features have transformed remote work.

Key Features:

  • Infinite canvas for mind mapping
  • Prebuilt templates
  • Wide variety of widgets
  • Collaborators’ cursors help you see how they engage in the discussion
  • Easy screen sharing and presentation
  • Chat and communication options
  • Organization of projects into folders
  • 20+ integrations


  • Free – $0 unlimited team members
  • Team – $8 per member per month
  • Business – $16 per user per month
  • Enterprise – Contact Team Miro for custom pricing.

Best Interactive Documents Creation Software – Flipsnack

Having the capacity to create digital flipbooks, which are interactive marketing products, gives you a big competitive advantage.

Whatever your position or the type of the papers you aim to produce, our flipbook generator offers everything you need.

Brochures, catalogs, flyers, presentations, programs, and even buyer’s guides are all possible. Interactivity is critical.

Interactive elements include videos, internal and external links, photo slideshows, product tags, lead forms, and so on.

Before delivering the branded newspaper online, include your logo and other distinguishing aspects.

With the simplicity using which interactive features may be implemented, it seems a waste to continue with static elements that are frequently disregarded.

These additions will also help your publication’s statistics.

Those who read and interact with your content will commit more time to it than ever before.

Best Free Business Management Software

Key Features:

  • Insert interactive elements
  • Include your branding elements
  • Analyze performance with statistics
  • Upload bulk PDFs
  • Access thousands of customizable templates
  • Integrate third-party apps
  • Collaborate with teammates
  • Embed publications on the website
  • Schedule publishing date


  • Starting from 32$ monthly or 168$ yearly subscriptions.

Best OKR Software – Weekdone

Turn workplace chaos into lucrative order. For almost a decade, Weekdone has been at the forefront of the OKR software market, supporting firms in restructuring and rejuvenating their internal processes via the use of the well-known goal-setting framework, Objectives and Key Results.

Using Weekdone, you can motivate your team to collaborate more effectively and achieve more than they ever imagined possible.

You should be informed of the company’s quarterly, monthly, and even daily progress toward its long-term goals.

Using business management software that focuses on creating and tracking objectives, you can ensure that everyone in your organization is on the same page with the most critical duties.

Have faith in your team’s ability and know what you’re doing.

Key Features

  • Goal-setting and tracking using OKRs
  • Company, team, department, and personal level OKRs
  • OKR progress visualization for easy overviews
  • Interactive real-time status dashboards
  • OKR alignment and linking
  • TV Dashboard for presentations
  • Weekly planning & status reporting
  • Weekly progress report emails
  • Likes, comments & reactions
  • Public feedback and recognition
  • Easy navigation within the tool
  • Access to OKR coaches
  • Integrations with tools you already use: Slack, MS Teams, and more


  • Weekdone offers packages at a price per user cost with a 14-day free trial for 4 + users. Review Weekdone pricing.

Why should you use a free business management software?

There are various advantages to using a business management application.

The ability to collect and analyze all of your company’s management data in one location is without a question the most significant advantage.

Accounting applications, customer relationship management systems, and other software are common office tools.

Commercial management software, on the other hand, combines all of these capabilities into a single, comprehensive management solution.

Superior management also needs a more open and engaged relationship with employees.

Because of this one hub of information, everyone on your team will be able to view the same information regarding the company’s goals and accomplishments.

The company’s leadership can make better strategic decisions with a more clear direction.

Finally, firm management software improves compliance with French law since it incorporates French legislation “by design.”

As a result, employing this technology will help you keep out of problems with the police.

What software do most small businesses use?

Small businesses use a wide range of software programs depending on their individual needs.

The most common are, however, as follows:

  • Bookkeeping course
  • A project management application software
  • Content management system for a website Expense tracking software
  • Timekeeping systems that are automated

Small companies, whether online or offline, may benefit from software designed to simplify management and operations.

The 5 best small business management software of 2022

Most small businesses cannot afford the most effective small business management software on the market due to the hefty upfront prices and continuing subscription fees.

Having spent a significant amount of time working in the subject of project management, I decided to conduct some research on the best small business management software solutions for 2022 in order to aid any business owners who may want such a service.

I studied over twenty programs designed to help businesses.

Here is a summary of the top five programs in this category:

  • Wix: Free Website Builder
  • Constant Contact: Email Marketing Software
  • Wave Accounting: Free invoicing and accounting software
  • nTask: Free Online Project and Task Management Software
  • Slack: Communication app

5 Top Free Business Management Software Solutions of 2022

One of the greatest company management systems available for free is a valuable tool.

No matter how many jobs you have to perform as a CEO or Manager, you have so many tools at your disposal that you are spoiled for choice.

The most crucial factor, though, is…

Locating suitable business software.

Here are the top 5 company management software solutions for free or little cost in 2022:

  • Mailerlite: Best free software for email marketing
  • Profitbooks: Top Free Accounting App
  • Canva: Best Free Image Editor
  • Calendly: Free tool for scheduling meetings
  • Hubspot: Best Free Customer Relationship Management Software


Running a business, whether a startup or a major organization, while juggling too many activities at once may be psychologically taxing.

Reason enough to invest in dependable business management software to assure a smooth operation.

There are specialized business management systems on the market to meet the needs of diverse businesses.

However, if you have any issues with these tools, it might be a game changer. As a result, before employing the instrument, it is critical to understand the ultimate purpose.

To assist you in locating the best corporate management software for your requirements, we have compiled and classed a list of the best ones.

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